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Everyone Should Track Their Net Worth

Even if you aren't going to share the information with the world like I do, I believe it is important for most people to track their net worth.  If I convince you with regards to the why, the how becomes less important. Why Should You Track your Net Worth? Discover Bad Trends By reviewing your numbers every month you can discover trends, mistakes, etc.  If you are watching your investable assets decrease despite the broad market increasing, you may have discovered that either your investments have high fees, your investments don't line up with your risk tolerance, or you are being defrauded. In addition, [...]

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Top Investment Tips from the Professionals

Getting involved in the investment arena can be nerve wracking if you're not sure how to get started or how to capitalize on your returns in the most effective way. What follows are some of the best real estate investment tips from professionals. No matter where you plan to invest your money, you should always work with a professional who you can bounce ideas off of. Having someone else you can reach out to can serve you for many years to come. Always be Diversified Having investments of several different types and in several different places benefits you if something crashes and [...]

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October 2016 Undervalued Dividend Growth Watch List

Every month I take those stocks that have increased their dividends for 20+ years and manually screen them to create a watch list for my monthly purchase.  My goal is to find possibly undervalued companies that have paid an increasing dividend for two or more decades.  Even before the arduous task I knew that my watch list was going to be short, with the broad market at an all time high it has to mean that price to earnings ratios will be high and yields will be low.  Having a short list doesn’t bother me at all – it just makes it easier [...]

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My Dividend Investment Portfolio Update – October 2016

I have been tracking my investment income for years and years, but when I sold the site I decided to sell a large portion of my investment income.  It went from around a $30,000 balance with the following income history: However, it feels like with this new iteration of my site, and my investment portfolio I should start my tracking over as well except this time I am going to share even more information including holdings and balances.  So, I am going to start over from when I sold my site and a sizeable chunk of the portfolio. My September 2016 Investment [...]

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Generating Income Selling Short Puts

While I was taking my hiatus from writing on this site I started to get very into selling short puts to create a tangible, income stream that can be used to supercharge my undervalued dividend growth investment strategy.  I will provide posts about what I have done (and will do), but first I think it would be useful to articulate the strategy. What is a Put vs Call Option? An options contract is An options contract is a contract that allows the holder to buy or sell an underlying security at a given price, known as the strike price. The two most common [...]

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