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4 of the Best Investments Money can Buy (and no, they’re not stocks!)

Whenever you talk about investments with your friends, one subject inevitably comes up. Stocks. Americans are obsessed with stocks. CNBC and Fox Business play in bars and doctor’s offices, and not just because of the attractive anchors. Warren Buffett, the greatest stock market guru the world has ever known, is practically a god. 40,000 people go to Omaha each year to hear him talk about stocks. Imagine how many would go if it was actually someplace interesting. The obsession with stocks is a long and complicated one, but it really boils down to one big thing. Americans love stocks because they want [...]

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Investing vs. Paying Down Debt in an Era of Rising Interest Rates

A challenge faced by many ordinary Americans in today’s era of ultra low interest rates is whether to pay down debt or to invest for the future.  This issue has become even more pressing as a result of a confluence of several factors, including stagnating middle class wages that have not risen since the 1970’s and college costs that have continued to skyrocket, leaving both graduates as well as their parents with increasing debt loads related to those educational loans. Millennials Are Graduating With Ever Greater College Debt This is a unique challenge for millennials, who are facing record levels of student [...]

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Maximum Overdrive: Fives Ways To Turbocharge Your 401k Plan

  There’s an old joke about a guy on his hands and knees looking for some lost money on the street one night. A cop pulls up and asks the man what he’s doing. “I’m looking for $20 I lost on Mulberry Street,” the gent responds. “But this is Maple Street,” the cop answers. “I know,” says the man, still crawling along the pavement. “But the lighting’s better on Mulberry Street.” When it comes to managing our 401k plans, many of us make like the guy on Mulberry Street. We try to take the easy way out, common sense or not.   [...]

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A New Journey

As many readers of this site know the previous owner Evan was doing an excellent job documenting his Journey on the path that is personal finance.  Evan has found another opportunity to share that story through, and I am excited to be the new owner of MyJourneyToMillions. My goals for this site are to continue the No BS style of financial information that Evan created with deeply personal insights into not just my journey but to share some of the journey of fellow readers, and to dispel some of the oh-so-popular rhetoric that comes out of the popular financial media. I hope [...]

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How to Protect Your Assets in a Zero Interest Rate Environment

Making money with your investments can sometimes be a difficult task when interest rates are low. Traditional offerings such as government bonds and CDs are going to pay very little, and the values of outstanding bonds are going to drop when interest rates start to rise. Fortunately, there are still a few options available for those who need to offset losses or generate income from their portfolios. Here are some things that you can do to protect your nest egg from the effects of a zero interest rate environment. Look to Stocks If your portfolio is heavily weighted with bonds and bond [...]

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