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You Decide How Much The Stock Market is like a Casino

The other day one of my investment club partners made a statement that is often repeated and really bothers me. He said that "the market is just gambling."  Can certain activity be analogous to gambling? Of course, but that doesn't mean that "the market" as a whole is just one big casino, nor does it mean that your outcome is predicated solely on luck.  I believe that every investor, whether they know it or not, determines whether they turned the market into a casino or whether they are actually buying a piece of a business at a fair price. Blind Speculation is [...]

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Business Deductions: Hire an Expert to Save you Money

Most entrepreneurs don’t get into business in order to give away money, yet each year there are thousands of business owners that do. How you ask? By taking on the challenge of managing their own finances and paying their own taxes. Though many entrepreneurs think it’s seemingly the best way to save money (not hiring an accountant), it can actually result in you flushing money down the drain each year. Uncle Sam certainly isn’t going to reach out to you and let you know, “Hey, I think this money belongs to you.” Therefore, you need to learn how to maximize your earnings [...]

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Investment Club Update 3 Years Later

Back in 2013 I started an investment club with a bunch of friends, and much to my surprise we have officially past the 3 year marker last month! The club was not created on a whim, amazingly enough, I found in my archives that I discussed the topic WAYYYY back in 2008.  Imagine the returns if we started then?  The implemented idea was simple enough, everyone would put in $500 to start and then every month thereafter $100 would automatically be transferred from our individual bank accounts to our investment club account.  The consistent and automatic $100 was one of the most [...]

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Baby Steps for Success: A Real Estate Investing Checklist

Whether your current involvement in real estate involves buying, selling or lending, it is vital to take time to perform due diligence. Multiple purposes are served by ensuring that your involvement is based on true understanding of the facts as they really are. Due diligence helps you establish whether the title to the property is sound to buy, sell or use as collateral. It also helps you determine that the financial projections used are sensible ones, identify areas of risk, and ensure compliance with regulations. Due diligence is about more than deciding whether to go ahead with a project. It is also [...]

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April 2016 Net Worth Update

This introductory paragraph was written before actually calculating my net worth change.  A couple of weeks back, I proclaimed that I was going to kill off all my consumer debt.  I failed in that regard, but that it isn't my fault.  When I met with my accountant I knew how much of a tax refund I was going to receive and I only sold enough of my perpetual income fund to cover the difference between the debt amount and my tax refund.  Well, due to a couple of hiccups I still haven't received my tax refund, and as such, I still have [...]

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