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Killing off My Debt Round Two

After my meeting with my account I was informally told that I would be receiving a tax return that while smaller than in years past it was still a few thousand dollars.  When I told The Wife about the money, and that it was solely going to be used to pay down debt  I could see the disappointment in her face.  For the past few years I have carried consumer debt at zero percent, and while I would put a few hundred towards it a month I had more going towards my family's investments. So whenever tax returns or bonuses came through [...]

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Most People Can’t Build Wealth Trading Time for Money

I was in a meeting with a consultant a few weeks back when she said something so simple, yet so profound.  She stood up there and said, Most People Can't Build Meaningful Wealth Trading their Time for Money The topic of the meeting was creating processes to work smarter versus working hard with the real focus on those building a career in the financial services industry.  Notwithstanding the topic or setting of the meeting at the simplistic and succinct statement. Trading Money for Hours is Not a Way to Build True Wealth She is obviously not a pioneer in the field of [...]

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Enviable Money Management Habits that Yield Great Long Term Benefits

Earning a 6-figure income is not possible for everyone. Therefore, it is always considered wise to make the best out of what is at hand. We have read about the wealthiest people in the world having some habits that make them so unique and well, rich. It is their habits that make them what they are today. The reason behind their fortune is certain financial habits that they have been following, which have yielded them long term benefits. Here are some of their enviable money management habits that will teach you organizing and managing your finance. Planning a Budget and Making Everything [...]

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Net Worth Update March 2016

Ever since buying this house a few years ago, I have been carrying a good amount of credit card debt.  The amount was in the tens of thousands, but I never really worried about it because I wasn't paying any interest on it as it was all at zero percent interest.  Besides, I had enough in cash and marketable securities to just pay it off if I had to for whatever reason.  This all changed in the past month. I met with my account to do my taxes, and they informally told me I was to receive a nice refund.  I promptly [...]

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