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How to Trade CFD: A Detailed Overview

CFD which means Contract for Difference is becoming popular at this time. A good number of investors or financiers are heading towards this direction because it brings a lot of advantages and at the same time, allows the investors to earn extra income in a way that is much faster than the regular trading. By learning how to trade CFD, dealers act like an intermediary or negotiator for the buyer and the seller. Many financiers are choosing CFD because it doesn't pose a very big risk unlike in the traditional way of trading. So how then does CFD trading work? For instance, [...]

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My Net Worth’s Correlation to the Market is Frustrating

I have noticed that over the past 6 months or so, my net worth is extremely correlated to the broad market.  Yes, I know that this is beyond a first world problem since most people in the first world probably don't track their net worth (nevertheless have a personal finance blog where they publish said calculations). Why is My Net Worth Correlated to the Market? What is my net worth made up of: House - Not correlated, but I also haven't increased the value in 3 years Retirement Accounts - Broad Market funds & Large Cap stocks = Correlated Dividend Account - [...]

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You Probably Don’t Know Shit About the IPO Market…and that’s okay!

I always find it interesting the hype that goes into some companies going public.  When The Wife knows about a company going public, that is when you know there is almost too much information flowing from wall street to main street!  I try to ignore the hype, but like anyone who watches the market sometimes you get swept up in the hysteria.  I came across a terrifying list of recent highly publicized IPOs and their returns. But first... What is an IPO? I don't think it explains much, but damn it do I love this scene from Wolf of Wall Street: So [...]

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Creating my February 2016 Undervalued Dividend Watch List

Every month I try to find undervalued consistent dividend paying stocks that have increased their dividend for 20+ years to make up my dividend watch list.  I love consistent dividend paying stocks for one main reason - creating a reliable stream of income that will increase with inflation.  I wish this account was bigger, but it is currently only a fraction of both my assets and total net worth.  Notwithstanding, it is easily my favorite part. Dividend Stock Investment Portfolio Activity in January 2016 January 2016 was a complete and utter shit storm in the markets; the S&P lost 5.07%!  So I [...]

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DollarDig Review

Dollar Dig is a retail receipt website that allows customers to purchase items directly from manufacturers while getting money back. Dollar Dig works by passing along funds to the user that are given to websites by companies for attracting customers. While there are many coupon websites, none quite serve their customers in the same way as Dollar Dig. The first thing I noticed about Dollar Dig is the interface. It’s intuitive to use and features large, easy to read and understand font. You can browse by category such as electronics or apparel or you can search for a specific store on their [...]

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