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What’s the Difference Between Shark Tank and The Profit?

I have watched and loved shark tank for years; taking a look back in my archives it seems that I touted my love for the show as far back as 2009.  Notwithstanding, I have had a new favorite show for the past few years, and I can't believe I have never wrote about it.  It is called The Profit, and it is on CNBC, which describes the show in the following manner, When Marcus Lemonis isn’t running his multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, he goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that are desperate for cash and ripe for a deal. In [...]

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Types of Life Insurance: Know What Works for You

The reality of life is that it can be really confusing and complicated sometimes. Also, all of us have our expiry date, meaning that we have to leave our loved ones someday. It may be hard to swallow for some people, but you better think about it one way or another. As we think more of our loved ones and what can happen to us during fateful days, there's one thing that can help ease those worries. It's this reality that merits the existence of life insurance, which is indeed important if you don't want your exit to be entirely wasteful. But it's [...]

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I Don’t Understand Why these Three Businesses are Illegal

There are certain types of businesses that are not currently legal in most of the Country, and it makes no sense to me.  The only justifications I can come up why these types of businesses are illegal are tradition and/or a particular 3rd party trying to keep market share.  Obviously my examples below are inherently limited as to my values which, granted, may be pushing the limits for some while restraining to others. Why are These Businesses Illegal? Sports Gambling Why is sports gambling still illegal in the US?  Is it to deter gambling? This is just bullshit.  Literally, anyone in America [...]

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What is Impact Investing?

Every so often there is a new buzz word that attracts a lot of attention in the world of retail investing and personal finances.  I have only heard it a few times, so I figured if I wasn't that familiar with it maybe others haven't either.  The term is Impact Investing. Investopedia defines impact investing as, Investing that aims to generate specific beneficial social or environmental effects in addition to financial gain. Impact investing is a subset of socially responsible investing, but while the definition of socially responsible investing encompasses avoidance of harm, impact investing actively seeks to make a positive impact [...]

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These are the Markets that Test Your Nerves and Stomach

We are only two weeks deep into 2016 and I can't believe how nasty the markets have been!  To say gut wrenching would be an understatement. While looking at the charts hurt that feeling is dwarfed when you actually sign in and see your accounts significantly lower.  There are a few things that give me some solace. I am Relatively Young so Who Cares what the Market Does Today Does it really matter what happens in the market today? I am only 34. I have a lot of time to weather the bad, gut wrenching times.  If you are older, this may [...]

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