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Reviewing my Goals and Objectives for 2015

I can't believe I have been actively blogging on my personal finance blog for 7.5 years, my first post admitting to the world how much debt I was carrying and my plans to get rid of it.  If you asked me if I would still be doing writing posts, 7 years, 2 houses and 2 children later I would have said absolutely not.  Notwithstanding, some of my favorite times of the year are when I take look back at my goals and objectives to see how I succeeded or failed 365 days later.  It provides me with a sense of optimism and [...]

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Why I Love Giving My Nieces and Nephew One Particular Gift

With Christmas less than 24 hours away I thought I would take a moment to discuss my favorite gift giving experience...and I get to make it at least twice a year!  and I don't even get that much credit for it.  In fact, in terms of "credit" I would be much smarter to buy The Wife a new bag from Louis Vuitton which she swears is an asset.  Nope, it is a gift for my nieces and nephew.  As of the date of this post I have 2 nieces and a nephew (expecting another nephew in a few months to even out [...]

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When a Credit Card Balance Transfer Might Make Good Financial Sense

Are you carrying credit card debt? If so, you’re most likely paying astronomical interest rates that can make it hard to shuck off that debt and work toward your other financial goals. But what if there was a way to pay off your credit card debt without paying those high interest fees? There is — it’s called a credit card balance transfer. Balance transfer credit cards typically offer interest rates as low as zero percent for an introductory period, giving you six months or more to work on paying off your credit card debt interest-free. If you can manage to pay off [...]

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Creating My December 2015 Undervalued Dividend Stock Watch List

Every month for the past few years, I have taken a couple of hours to search through a ton of data to attempt to find undervalued dividend stocks that have raised their dividend for at least 20 years.  The reason I do this is simple - if I am making a $500 to a $1,000 consumer item purchase I spent a similar amount of time to make sure I am getting a good deal, so why wouldn't do the same for a piece of business I am buying?  I also track any buys/sells and dividend income, and share with the world to [...]

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Ignoring the Majority of Noise is Key to Your Personal Finances

I am not sure if it is the result of the 24 hour news cycle or the 24 hour news cycle was created because of it, but doesn't it feel like there is so much noise out there?  There is always the next war, the next economic boom/bust, the next deadly disease that is going to wipe out America (come on do you even remember bird flu?)...the next looming disaster that is going to completely change the way we live, but I was reminded today that almost none of it matters when it comes to the foundation of your personal finances. My [...]

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