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What’s Scarier Living Solely on Salary or Commission?

I had a pretty interesting conversation with The Wife the other day regarding whether it is "scarier" for the breadwinner of a family to be purely a paycheck employee, or if they are solely compensated based on commission/sales.  If you were wondering where this conversation came up - between both of our fathers, my entire office (financial planning), The Wife herself, those in the mortgage industry, we know a good amount of people compensated on a pure commission basis. First and foremost, the word "scary" is obviously subjective in it of itself.  One person's fear can't be applied to what causes anxiety [...]

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What Sites Do you Check Before Purchasing a Stock?

I could only imagine that back in the day doing research on a particular stock had to be endeavor.  Today, you have almost too much information at your finger tips; within a few seconds I can look up the recent filings of a company, all relevant metrics, all recent news and even what others are thinking about the stock.  There are certain stocks I always check before buying any position. List of Stock Sites I Check Before Purchasing a Stock Google Finance - This is almost where I always start.  Right from the initial screen I get to see the 1 day, [...]

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Reviewing the S&P 500 Returns Can Provide A lot of Lessons

The other day I was talking to a colleague and he asked if I ever really ever took a look at the S&P Returns over the long term, and shockingly I realized I had not.  As soon as I took a look a few things jumped out at me, and I immediately thought of a few "take aways." S&P Historical Returns I took the data from NYU Stern: Year S&P 500 Year S&P 500 Year S&P 500 1928 43.81% 1966 -9.97% 2004 10.74% 1929 -8.30% 1967 23.80% 2005 4.83% 1930 -25.12% 1968 10.81% 2006 15.61% 1931 -43.84% 1969 -8.24% 2007 5.48% 1932 [...]

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November 2015 Undervalued Dividend Growth Watch List

Every month for the past few years, I have taken a couple of hours to search through a ton of data to attempt to find undervalued stocks that have raised their dividend for at least 20 years.  I then track any buys/sells, as well as my dividend income, and share with the world to see.  While this account is very small it is easily the favorite part of my investing.  While I have had some quick pops, this is meant to be a slow and steady type of account - hopefully in 15 or so years, a 50 year old Evan will [...]

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Happy 34th Birthday to Evan

One of the most interesting things about owning a blog is being able to go back in time and read about the mindset I was in year's past, and nothing like a birthday that will get you all nostalgic.  Notwithstanding, I rarely go back into my archive because if it is a personal post I sort of cringe when reading it.  I either feel like whatever I was writing about ended up not being the end of the world, or more often than not, I think why the hell did I share that. My Past Birthday Posts Regardless of my personal feelings, [...]

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