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Details of the Life Insurance Policy I Bought on My Daughter’s Life

In my last post, I explained why I actually bought a permanent whole life insurance policy on my second child's life, so I figured I would share the actual details of the policy itself.  If you didn't read the last post, there are two main reasons why I purchased whole life insurance on both of my children (fuller details in the post): I am not going to work if something happens to either child and Guaranteed Insurability - I have created a policy whose death benefit can increase without medical underwriting My Child's Life Insurance Policy The basics: Approximately $50 a month [...]

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Why I am Buying Life Insurance on my Second Child

I know I am in the minority when I say I think that if you can afford it, life insurance on a child is not only a reasonable purchase, but a good one! Regardless of whether I am having this discussion with a friend or even in professional circles it seems that the topic is often seen as too morbid for most.  There are two main reasons why I am such a proponent of buying life insurance on a child, and why I just completed the process myself. Full Disclosure may be important - I do not sell life insurance through this [...]

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How Do Egregious Fake Rumors Still Happen in the Stock Market Today?

Every once in a while something will happen in the stock market that makes you wonder if the "game" is either rigged, or on the opposite spectrum, if anyone really knows what the hell they are doing! Such an event occurred last week, and the more I read about it the crazy it gets.  Late last week, Avon surged because of a fake buyout by a fake company! As CNBC reported, Earlier on Thursday the latest buyout hoax hit Avon Products. The stock was halted three times after reports surfaced that the cosmetics company might be acquired by a "PTG Capital Partners" [...]

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May 2015 Value Dividend Growth Portfolio Watch List

Every single month, I come on here to find undervalue stocks that have been paying an increasing dividend for the past 20 years.  It is interesting to note that, just by focusing on a company who feels the need to share profits with the owners at an increasing rate eliminates about 95% of all US stocks! But, before looking at future investments, I want to highlight my activity (or lack thereof) in April 2015. Dividend Investment Portfolio Activity in March 2015 While I didn't sell any positions last month I purchased: 15 Shares of CTBI at a price of $33.09 per share [...]

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The Most Depressing and Inspiring Investment Calculator Ever Created

A blogger buddy of mine, PK from Don't Quit Your Day Job (DQYDJ), is not only smart enough to be able to understand complex financial concepts/statistics, but he is also able to program calculators and interactive programs around that data.  All in all it looks like he has 30+ different interactive programs ranging from investment calculators to personal finance studies.  Well, a while ago he created the most depressing and inspiring investment calculator I have ever played with.  Using this program will first cause you an insane amount of frustration and pain, only to leave you inspired! Who hasn't asked themselves the [...]

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