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What Does Average Really Mean When it Comes to Retirement Savings?

Maybe it has to do with the aging population in the US, or maybe it has to do with the fact that I scan personal finance/investment headlines like most people check their email, but it seems to me that there is an obsession with discussing how woefully unprepared the average American is to retire.  A google search of "Average American Retirement Savings" brings up 1,200,000 results and a news search limited to the past month brings up hundreds upon hundreds of results.  Worst part about it? NONE OF THEM MATCH!  Just taking a few very recent examples: 10/22/2014 - US Today Middle-class people [...]

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Life Insurance Companies are Starting to Use Big Data for Premium Discounts

For the most part, purchasing life insurance is pretty standard - you apply, the company will do a medical exam and then provide the insured/owner with terms and pricing for those terms.  If you take up smoking or heroine after your exam, your rates don't change.  I always thought that was interesting, but if rates could change I bet the industry would look very different than it does today (my guess is that the industry would be a tiny portion of what it is today).  Working in the life insurance industry I am always interested in industry changes, so I got very excited [...]

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The Importance of Knowing What Kind of Investor You Are

And are the two alternatives mutually exclusive? This is a question that every investor comes to at some point along the road. Full time investors are a special breed. For these folks, investment is a constant preoccupation. It’s something they think about for most of the day, and they get really good at it. Because they’re always thinking about it, they’re always reading about it. And because they’re always reading and listening, up to the moment on economic conditions that lead to great investments, they are able to spring at great chances that others miss. In short, great investors have skill, ambition, [...]

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I was Recently Blocked by a Terrible Business Idea on Twitter

I often take a moment to thank a new follower on Twitter and in doing so, I'll get the opportunity to check out a new business, blog or even a quick idea within a person's profile.  Approximately two weeks ago, I received a new follower, @GolverCard which led me to their site.  To put it simply, the company is going to provide you with a debit card that is backed by gold and silver (hence GolVer Card). According to the "How it Works Section of the Site" GolVerCard is a payment system linked to real gold & silver stored in your account. [...]

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April 2015 Value Dividend Growth Portfolio Watch List

Once a month I manually screen for undervalued stocks that have paid an increasing dividend for at least 20 years.  The "increasing dividend" requirement actually eliminates about 95% of all US stocks leaving me with only approximately 150 companies to start applying valuation metrics.  But, before looking at future investments, I want to highlight my activity in March 2015. Dividend Investment Portfolio Activity in March 2015 On March 3 I sold: My small position in Bemis (BMS) - I only owned 18.597 shares of the company.  Looks like I bought my original 18 shares (the fractional shares were reinvested dividends) in November [...]

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