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Most People Should See a Qualified Attorney When Drafting an Estate Plan

I know Warren Buffet has said multiple times, "Never ask a barber if you need a haircut" but this estate planning attorney believes that almost everyone needs a will, and to boot, I think most people should see a qualified attorney to draft the proper documents.  The need stems from the basic premise that most people do not know what they don't know when it comes to the topic of estate planning. A Few Issues that May be Overlooked When Creating An Online Will I think it is safe to say that most people that are creating a will using an online [...]

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March 2015 Dividend Watch List Update

Every month for the past couple of years I have spent a few hours putting together this post.  You may think that a few hours is long time, but most people put more time in searching for a TV, Computer or other consumer item that will likely be gone well before I sell my holding.  The purpose of my research is to find undervalued stocks that fit very specific metrics. First, I take the entire U.S. Stock Market and bring them down to the 150 or so stocks that have increased dividends for the past 20+ years.  I then take those and [...]

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I am Done With Automatic Dividend Reinvestments

Every month I take an hour or two to create a dividend watch list where I attempt to find undervalued dividend champion stocks, but after I purchase my particular lot for the month it is set on autopilot until I decide to sell.  It was during a review of what, if any, positions I should  really started to think about the topic of *why* I am reinvesting my dividends automatically. First and foremost, lets put it on the table we are not talking about a lot of money and I think that is why it has been so easy to basically ignore [...]

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March 2015 Net Worth Update

I can't believe we are done with two fulls months of 2015 already! I know it's cliche to say but damn it time flies. With another month in the books it is time to calculate the increase or decrease in my net worth month over month and year to date (which in this case is the exact same thing).  January was a big spend month and my bonus was already integrated into last month’s update, so I was really just coasting on the market and natural amortization interest payments. Calculating my Net Worth My Assets My Cash Savings Accounts – I only [...]

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