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Be Careful What you Build Your Dividend Investment Portfolio On

Building a portfolio with a growing dividend income stream may not be everyone's goal, but if it is your goal, then much like building a house, your dividend investment portfolio has to have a strong foundation.  In my opinion that strong foundation is analogous to a long history of sustainable increasing dividends.  At the very lowest level, it instills a responsibility in current management that they have an upcoming bill that they have to pay to the people that employs them (i.e. the owners of the company). Last week, many yield chasing investors were reminded about having a proper foundation when copper [...]

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To Tip or Not to Tip, That is the Question

When it comes to using a discount voucher or coupon, it is often not the actual presentation of the voucher when you pay that can cause a problem but whether or not to also tip for service received and, if so, what amount to base that tip on.  Tip etiquette is important in the US. Let’s say that you buy a Groupon voucher that is half price or a two-for-one deal at your favorite restaurant. When reaching for the bill, most people look at the total and work from there but that isn’t strictly the right etiquette when you have taken advantage [...]

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WSJ Drops the Ball on an Opportunity to Discuss Dividend Value and Growth Investing

Every few years a major publication will come out with a story where someone who had a normal job their entire life died with a sizable estate.  This past weekend, it was WSJ's turn to discuss such a situation.  The article, behind a paywall, is titled, "Route to an $8 Million Portfolio Started with Frugal Living" is about a man, Mr. Ronald Read that despite being a janitor and gas attendant for most of his life amassed a large fortune by almost anyone's standards, Mr. Read, a longtime resident of Brattleboro, Vt., died in June at the age of 92. His friends [...]

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Calculating How Much Interest I Pay Monthly

I originally calculated how much interest I was paying to finance companies and banks in 2009.  Re-reading the post I actually remember feeling very annoyed how much money was being spent just servicing my debt.  While I updated the numbers some 19 months later, I haven't looked into these calculations in over 4 years. Calculating Monthly Interest Paid on my Debt Below is what my debt servicing looked in 2011 (as compared to 2009): Debt Monthly Payment Principal Portion Interest Portion Difference From 19 Months Ago Mortgage Payment $1,259 (without Taxes) $183 $1076 $44 More towards Principal Student Loan #1 $252 $82 [...]

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My Investment Club – 2 Years Later

While the seeds were planted over 5 years ago it wasn't until the end of January 2013 when I started an investment club with 8 other friends.  The idea was simple enough, we would each put $500 in to start, and then every month thereafter we would automatically deposit $100 a month.  Buy and sell decisions would be made by a majority.  I didn't have a lot of faith in the club early on, but after a few months we really started to work together.  It has been 2 years since our account was finally opened. Investment Club Results On the 10th/11th [...]

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