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Free Community College Won’t Solve Any Problems and May Lead to Unintended Consequences

Recently, President Obama proclaimed that he wants to provide free community college for those that want to work for it: Free Education! A fantastic goal, however, I believe there are two unintended consequences that will be discussed years after this program is enacted (if it is ever enacted at all).  Of course, politicians either often choose to ignore glaring unintended consequences, or do not see them at all so my post which will be seen by tens of hundreds of people is likely not to matter all that much. The first and obvious unintended consequence is that the program will basically make [...]

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February 2015 Net Worth Update

With another month in the books it is time to calculate the increase or decrease in my net worth month over month and year to date (which in this case is the exact same thing).  January was a big spend month and my bonus was already integrated into last month's update, so I was really just coasting on the market and natural amortization interest payments. Calculating my Net Worth My Assets My Cash Savings Accounts – I only really count my emergency savings since everything else is ear marked to be spent elsewhere.  I am finally back up to the round number [...]

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