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The First Step for any Financial Goal is Usually the Same

It doesn't matter if your financial goal is to get out of debt, create a passive income stream, retire early, retire at a normal age, or build a dividend investment portfolio, the first step should always the same - figure out where you are currently.  While creating a blog might be a bit of an extreme, but I think the most effective way to take stock of where you currently are is to write it down...somewhere...anywhere! If you are trying to pay off consumer debt, a reasonable goal considering the average American has about $16,000 in credit card debt, how could you [...]

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A Benefit of Holding Individual Stocks that No One Mentions

I have held some of my individual holdings for a few years, and came to the realization that there have been no ongoing fees with those particular holdings.  That is a huge benefit of holding individual stocks that no one really talks about. Mutual Funds and to a much lesser extent most ETFs have a lot of their fees (but not all) wrapped into their "Expense Ratio."  According to MorningStar, The expense ratio is the annual fee that all funds or ETFs charge their shareholders. It expresses the percentage of assets deducted each fiscal year for fund expenses, including 12b-1 fees, management [...]

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Should Retail Buy and Hold Investors Listen to Analysts Ratings?

Every morning on the drive to work (at a red light of course) I check and look for who has moved in pre-market and after hours trading. Some nights/mornings a stock will be significantly different than the close price because of an actual reporting, however, more often than not, the change is based purely on an upgrade or downgrade by an investment firm following the company.  In the past, I always just assumed that the negative downgrades mattered, I mean these are professionals! Don't they know that the stock is going to go down or up whether it be because of market forces [...]

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February 2015 Dividend Watch List

Every month for the past couple of years I have spent a few hours putting together this post.  You may think that a few hours is long time, but most people put more time in searching for a TV, Computer or other consumer item that will likely be gone before I sell my holding.  The purpose of my research is to find undervalued stocks that fit very specific metrics. A side note before I being:  As I re-read the Intelligent Investor for the second time it has come apparent to me that I, unknowingly at the time, have been creating a safety [...]

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Your Asset Allocation Matters Regardless of Whether You Actually Know It

I was doing some research today when I came across a great piece from Vanguard that really emphasized just how important the idea of asset allocation is to individual investors.  There isn't one answer, like put X% in stocks and Y% in bonds, so it makes the topic more of an art form than a science project.  Not everyone should have the same asset allocation as it is a function of risk and necessity (as defined below), however, regardless of whether you are handing your own investments, or you have a financial professional, you should understand the idea of asset allocation and [...]

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