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Attempting to Increase International Exposure – Consistent Dividend Payers

Every month I take the time to screen stocks for a purchase that month.  I have published my screening results for the past few years.  The very first test is whether they the company has maintained and increased their dividend for at least 20 years.  This is not an easy feat; of the 15,000+ publicly traded companies (including the major markets and OTC) in the US there are only 150 or so that meet this requirement.  There are a few reasons why I a number of reasons why this test is important to me but among them they include: Eventually, I would like to [...]

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Past Wasn’t As Good As You Remember it…Trading Costs

I was reading a recent post by Dividend Mantra titled, The Golden Age of Financial Independence, wherein he mentioned how inexpensive it is to invest in stocks & ETFs, and it reminded me about a recent conversation with my mother-in-law.   While my mother-in-law is an amazing, grandmother, mother and mother-in-law, she is one of those people who chronically believes that the the past was always better and the future of the world is completely doomed.  This usually leads to some pretty good conversations since I truly believe that the world will be just fine long after I am dead, and the past [...]

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A Small Reminder about the Benefits of Dollar Cost Averaging

I have recently been in the process of consolidating some accounts.  First up was altering up our cash flow chart to better reflect our current situation.  Second, was bringing all of The Wife's assets over to Fidelity.  Part of that was moving assets she had with me, as an investment advisor (not husband) at my broker-dealer, and the other part was getting her Disney Stock registered in Fidelity's name rather than the physical certificates that were sitting in our kitchen.  Lastly, I had to help her move her Roth IRA from her T.Rowe Price Account over to Fidelity.  It was during this very easy [...]

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What is a Value Trap?

As a self proclaimed value dividend investor I tend to read related articles, posts and books on the subject and I always see the term "value trap" but I never actually looked it up.  Upon reading a little bit of the term, it feels like I am inevitably going to fall into one day, but I am not entirely convinced it matters all that much. What is a Value Trap? Investopedia provides us with a pretty good definition to start with, A stock that appears to be cheap because the stock has been trading at low multiples of earnings, cash flow or [...]

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Happy 33rd Birthday to Evan

Every year since I started this blog I created a little post on my birthday.   I always enjoy taking a moment to re-read these yearly as it reminds me how much life has changed. My 27th Birthday Post – Personal finance wise I listed my original debt and how much I had paid off since I had started the blog a few months earlier.  The intensity The Wife and I had to get rid of nearly $17,000 worth of credit card debt was amazing. I think I need to rekindle that fire for other goals. My 28th Birthday Post – I [...]

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