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9/11 and Remembering to Plan for Your Family

I have mentioned it in the past, but my brother is FDNY.  He was the second class after 9/11 occurred and was recently promoted to Lieutenant after studying and applying himself like I have never seen before.  It makes 9/11 a reminder that something could happen to him. I recently came across the video below, and holy shit it is hard not to tear up while watching it: Who doesn't remember exactly where you were that day?  A couple years back The Wife shared her experience on her blog, I went to Hofstra University. For those of you who don’t know where [...]

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Thinking About Getting Solar Power with Vivint

Being from Long Island I have one of the most expensive electricity costs in the entire country.  My average is right in line with the linked article from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  After fees I pay .21 cents per kilowatt hour (Kwh).  For comparison purposes my rate is about double the national average.  As such, the idea of solar panels has always intrigued me.  I can admit that my intrigue has much more to do with the saving money aspect and much less to do with the environment.  Knowing myself I know I would never actually pull the trigger on a [...]

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September 2014 Dividend Research and Account Update

While I missed August's screen every other month for the past two years I share my process to screen for undervalued dividend paying stocks that have increased their annual dividend payment for 20 or more years.  Since I didn't do any research I didn't buy or sell any stocks in this account for the month August.  I did however receive $49.72 in dividends which is about a 30% increase year over year:   As I have mentioned in the past this (along with every other) update takes a snapshot of certain metrics on a certain date.  This update was done on the [...]

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Coming Up With a Debt Repayment Plan

Part of my post-summer refocus is to get back to some of the basics with regards to my family's personal finances.  First step was to reassess my family's cash flow and make the appropriate changes.  Second step is to take a look at my debt, and come up with a plan. As of September 1st I have the following debt: Bank of America $5,567 Disney $607 Chase Sapphire $871 Amex (Outstanding) $3,606 Mattress $440 Cell phone $264 Total: $11,355 (it really is $8,555 since American Express will get $2,800 by Saturday) First and foremost, I have the liquidity to eradicate the debt if I [...]

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Creating a New Cash Flow Chart for my Family

It took The Wife and I about a year of marriage before we created a cash flow strategy that worked for us and the last time the strategy was even looked into was 2011!  While we could continue down the same path, The Wife and I decided it was time to switch it up a bit due to changing circumstances. Our Original Cash Flow Chart Our original cash flow plan was a bit unique. The plan was a bit unique since The Wife and I kept our own checking accounts, own savings accounts and then joint checking/savings.  People thought this was odd but it [...]

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