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Regaining Focus After a Crazy Summer

To say I have had a great, but busy, summer is an understatement.  Starting way back in May it has been crazy around my house.  The Wife, the boy and I went to Disney inviting our mothers with us.   Then in June we had a trip to The Wife's family in PA as well as a different weekend trip to Lancaster PA to see Dutch Wonderland.  In July, we had my parents' annual 4th of July party, and a week or so at the Jersey Shore (The Wife's family rents a house every year)...and August has been even crazier. I had [...]

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A Huge Problem with the Financial Planning Industry

While I readily defend the financial planning industry of which I am a part there is a glaring hole that is probably only getting larger.  I saw a great post from financial blogger, Daniel, over at Sweating The Big Stuff  where he was helping out a buddy create a cash flow and debt plan, and it got me to thinking about how his "subject" was part of a larger undeserved demographic.  Daniel's buddy, ...lives in New York City, has a stable job at a fortune 500 company paying $60,000/year, and we have very similar educational backgrounds. Except that he has $117,000 in student loan [...]

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August Dividend Account Update

August has been a crazy month which is why I haven't provided my dividend watch list update nor a net worth update (or any other post for that matter).  From August 3rd to August 7th I was in San Francisco, from August 12th to 13th I'll be in Mystic, CT. for my parents' joint 60th birthday celebrations, and then on August 14th night I leave for Las Vegas for the weekend for a buddy's bachelor party.  All said and Done it'll be the 18th before life slows down a bit, so I have decided to ignore the net worth update for this month [...]

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