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Don’t Make this Common Terrible Special Needs Planning Mistake

I was reviewing a client's estate plan the other day, and was shocked to see this very common special needs planning technique.   It isn't a rare technique, and it seems very natural but is often a terrible idea.  The document provided that the child with special needs was proactively disinherited.  More often then not it is a terrible idea to fully disinherit a child (who actually may be an adult at the time of draft) with special needs in favor of the other children.  Not only is it a terrible idea it could be actually be considered legal malpractice depending on the [...]

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I Just Converted from Oil to Natural Gas

A few months back I calculated how much money I would save from switching from oil to natural gas to heat my home.  I came up with the following calculations: First thing I did was contact my oil company to get an idea of how much oil I used in a year.  That number was about 1,000 gallons.  My contract price for the year was $3.59.  As such, I paid approximately $3,590 in oil costs for the year! Next I called the gas company to find out if I am burning 1,000 gallons of oil how much therm will I use of [...]

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Buffett – Stocks Can’t Outperform Businesses Indefinitely

When I finished The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life I immediately downloaded all of the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder letters.  If you are new to Buffett (beyond reading what other’s think he is thinking on investment sites) I would recommend reading the two books in this order as it gives you an idea as to what is going on in his life.  Currently, I am re-reading The Snowball and am enjoying it even more the second time around now with the knowledge of those letters. As part of this series I have already written about: A sliver of Warren Buffett’s 1979 letter [...]

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How Do You Title Your Children’s Investments or Savings Accounts?

Twice in the span of a week I was asked my thoughts on titling of children's assets.  It wasn't asking how they should invest their children's investments, or more specifically, their clients' children's assets, but rather how should the accounts be actually titled.  I am of the opinion that money can do good things and money can do bad things, so the actual titling of the assets is a very important issue to consider. It should be noted that even the term "children's investments or savings" may have different meanings to different people.  In my particular case I am referring to money that I am [...]

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Setting up Sell Guidelines for my Dividend Account

I have been wrestling with the idea of whether I am actually a "dividend growth investor" versus a value investor who prefers his first stock screen to be whether a particular equity has been paying a dividend for 25+ years?  While I think I need to discuss it further with myself I think it boils down to the fact that I am a value investor that prefers to receive a piece of the company while Mr. Market catches up to some great metrics. I don't think this new found desire to sell something changes that I Love Dividend Paying really love stocks who [...]

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