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June 2014 Dividend Research

Every month for the past two years I share my process to screen for undervalued dividend paying stocks that have increased their annual dividend payment for 20 or more years.  Considering the market has been hitting new intra-day highs almost on a weekly basis I was afraid that I was going to find nothing undervalued, however, I have watched a bull market for the past few years and have always seemed to find diamonds in the rough (granted it may take years for those diamonds to actually shine since I try to buy near 52 week lows - luckily I plan on [...]

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June 2014 Net Worth Update

With another month in the books I come back to the site to track how I have done.  While it is a positive number I think it is largely because of market gain versus responsible personal finances.  The past two months or so were harder than average on the old credit card.  I have been taking steps to increase my earnings which I find much easier than cutting most expenses. My Short Term Financial Goals To keep myself focused I provide myself with short term $5,000 savings/investing goals.  I say “short term” but really they stay alive as long they need to [...]

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