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I am Not Sure How I Feel About the Recent Tax Inversion Activity

If you follow business news at all you'd see an increase in tax inversion stories.  To put it simply tax inversion is when a United States company buys a foreign company and adopts the purchased company's address to reduce taxes owed to Washington.  A screenshot from google's search insights shows the increase interest in the topic: What is Tax Inversion? Unsurprisingly, Forbes provides a more thorough definition tax inversion, The basic idea of a tax inversion is really rather simple. If the US corporate taxation system is becoming a burden on a company then obviously, the thing to do is to move [...]

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The Guaranteed Renewability on your Term Life Insurance Policy is Likely Not a Viable Option

The guaranteed renewability option on your term life insurance is likely to have no real value if you are like many adults who survive their initial term and still need insurance. My in-laws are about 60 years old and there is still a real need for life insurance on my father in law's life.  He is still working and eventually they will likely rely on both spouse's social security (of which one will disappear should there be a premature death).  However, like most people they took out a 20 year term policy, and is often the case survived the term.  Can they [...]

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Is Cash Fungible? Do You Create Separate Bank Accounts for Goals?

Building on the basics of personal finance that I started talking about last week, one of the biggest changes that The Wife and I made years ago was agreeing that cash isn't fungible.  It took some convincing on her part to prove to me that creating different cash and investment buckets for specific purposes and goals would be better for us.  While I fought The Wife, initially, my contentions had more to do with logic rather than trying to understand how I, and she, were/are wired. Currently my bank homepage looks like this: Why Separate Accounts Works for Me It took me longer than [...]

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What Should Someone Do After Paying Off All Consumer Debt? There is No Right Answer

I received an email yesterday from a reader named Jared that reminded me among my recent posts about investing and Buffett I may have been ignoring some basic tenets of personal finance.  Jared wrote me and asked, Evan,  First off, THANK YOU. Your blog has been wonderful to read and has been very useful to my own journey. You may have written a post about this, and I apologize if I've missed it.. but I hope you might be willing to answer my question: You have a "savings" bar on your website that shows your goals. How do you dictate how much [...]

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Warren Buffett’s View on Dividend Policies and Paying a Dividend

I am not shy about discussing my dividend investment portfolio, however, that has not limited my recent fascination with all things Buffett (who as discussed below feels differently on the subject for Berkshire Hathaway).  As soon as I finished The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life I immediately downloaded all of his shareholder letters.  If you are new to Buffett (beyond reading what other’s think he is thinking on investment sites) I would recommend reading the two books in this order as it gives you an idea as to what is going on in his life. I have yet to finish the [...]

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