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6 Months Later How Has Meddling With my 401(k) Fared

Approximately 6 months ago I came up with a nonscientific plan for my 401(k).  At the time I felt that the market was reaching a high it had to come down from and I should put my contributions into cash rather than my balanced portfolio.  I would then allocate the cash reserves when the market corrected itself or took dips.  If this sounds like marketing is, and it is not a long term strategy for my 401(k).  Notwithstanding, since I have been doing it and since I always want to hold myself accountable I should share the results. Market Timing with [...]

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There are Amazing Lessons in Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Letters Part Four

When I finished Warren Buffet’s authorized biography The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life last month I knew I wasn't done understanding all that is Buffett.  I immediately downloaded all of his shareholder letters.  If you are new to Buffett (beyond reading what other’s think he is thinking on investment sites) I would recommend reading the two books in this order as it gives you an idea as to what is going on in his life.  For example, if you read his biography first there is an entire chapter dedicated to his relationship and eventual purchase of the Nebraska Furniture Mart, so when [...]

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Making a Financial Confession to All the Readers

This isn't going to be easy for me but I have to admit something to the readers of this blog that I am not proud of. I got caught up in something with a colleague from work and it has to stop the moment I hit publish on this post.  Recently, I have been using hard earned cash to gamble in penny stocks that aren't listed on these major markets.  These are not investments they are a pure gamble and I am pissed at myself for getting involved. A lot of people do it, and I am not judging, but I do [...]

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Random Thoughts About My Trip to Disney World

I got home from my 6 day 5 night trip to Disney World in Orlando a few hours ago.  I was there with The Wife, The Boy and both grandmothers (they had a separate but adjoining room), and we met another couple and their two kids down there.  Our itinerary was pretty packed and very well planned by The Wife.  By the time we settled down the first day it was 1 or 2pm, so we just hung out at the pool (we stayed at Riverside New Orleans, a Disney resort).  The second day started bright and early when we hit Magic [...]

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Even Potheads Care About Taxes

With more States legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana I find it interesting to see the unforeseen consequences and results occurring therefrom.  As a libertarian I believe that most people should be able to make up their mind on most decisions.  Like most things, I am not an extremist in my view and think all laws should be abolished, but there are certain instances where I just don't get why people care. For example, I can't for the life of me figure out why people are against prostitution.  Two consenting adults entering into a contract for services.  If they aren't adult or its [...]

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