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What’s the Difference Between Being Rich and Wealthy?

I remember this question being asked in one of my introductory economics classes when I was in college.  Being that everyone was 18 to 20 years old no one had a good answer.  I won't pretend the answer changed my life because to be honest I didn't even think about it until recently.  The answer my professor gave made sense, Rich refers to income while wealth refers to assets There is obviously a natural correlation between the two concepts that works for most of the bell curve.  As such, there are those exciting cases that people read where a janitor making under [...]

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Mathematical Proof You Needed to Start Investing and Saving Yesterday

I was working with some calculations the other day and something became ridiculously apparent to me.  You and I (along with almost anyone) literally can't afford to wait to start investing and savings. Calculating Contribution and Investing Returns I think a very simple example will provide evidence that you need to start contributing, investing and saving yesterday.   Person A vs. Person B Both are 22 years old Person A decided to contribute $2,000 for the first 10 years of his or her working life to any type of investment vehicle you can think of.  Person A inexplicably stops after the first 10 [...]

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Doesn’t Anyone Ask Why Do “they” Need My Money?

Last week I saw possibly the most infuriating show I have ever seen on CNBC called "Money Talks."  It is about the owner of a sports gambling consultant business. The owner Steve Stevens (obviously not his real name) claims to be a 20 year sports handicapper winning somewhere between 60% and 71.5% of his bets. It doesn't take more than a quick google search to find out about Steve Stevens' felony record, however, that doesn't bother me as much as the fact that people who should know him don't seem to know him or his record.  The show depicts a chop shop [...]

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Tracking My Dividend Income over the Last Few Years

The other day I realized that despite coming back month in and month out for the past few years to update my dividend income watch list I have never tracked (either on my site or personally) my dividend income and as important dividend income growth.  Luckily, fidelity has kept some of that information for me: I mentioned a few months ago I was pretty disillusioned and disappointed with the amount of dividend income per year I was receiving despite the fact that it grew 50% percent from 2012 to 2014. Notwithstanding the slow, slow process this chart makes me feel a lot better. Dividend [...]

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March 2014 Dividend Champion Watch list

After my February 2014 Dividend watch list update I bought: 12 Shares of KO for $456.27 I didn’t sell any shares last, although I may be doing this a bit more when/if I find a particular equity egregiously overvalued as is/was the case with the only sale I made in the past couple years within this particular investment account.  It turns out that my calculations were right.  The stock, MCY, is down a bit.  Actually it is coming very close to getting back on the buy list.  My process will be to take a look at every equity position that is not on the current watch list to [...]

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