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I May be a Landlord by Year’s End

I have thought about owning rental property for a few years.  Other than in a goals and objectives post I never mentioned the desire on the blog, because it never felt like an actual possibility. The first problem is that the pure cost of purchasing an investment property on Long Island would be significant. I am not sure where they get their numbers, but one estimate has the median house price on Long Island at $364,000! Even a 15% down payment could buy a house in other parts of the country.  This problem probably would have taken care of itself with a few [...]

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Preparing for my Annual CPA Tax Meeting

Every year I take the opportunity of owning a personal finance blog to organize my thoughts and paperwork for my upcoming CPA meeting.  Could I do this in a word document? Sure, but why own a personal finance blog if I can't ask others if they thought I missed anything. While my family's income isn't much higher than the average family's income our situation is absolutely more complicated.  My CPA often jokes that I am one of his best prepared clients.  I have thought about sending him this post but it isn't worth explaining what a personal finance blog is! I know [...]

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February 2014 Dividend Champion Watch list Update

After my January 2014 Dividend Watch list update I bought:  16 Shares of LEG for $490.03 including commissions 9 Shares of TGT for $523.02 including commissions I didn't sell any shares last, although I may be doing this a bit more when/if I find a particular equity egregiously overvalued as is/was the case with the only sale I made in the past couple years within this particular investment account.  My process will be to take a look at every equity position that is not on the current watch list to see why it didn't make it.   As I have mentioned in the [...]

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Do Not Liquidate Your 401(k) When Leaving Your Job

For better or worse the 401(k) seems to be the main savings vehicle for Americans, so it always shocks me how little most people actually know about it.  Financial Advisor Magazine (along with every other main stream media outlet) jumped on a recent report by Fidelity (oddly enough none of these main stream outlets seem to be linking to the report), which highlights a significant problem. 35 percent of all participants in plans it administers cashed out their 401(k) balances when leaving their jobs last year... Four out of 10 workers (41 percent) age 20 to 39 cashed out, and 51 percent [...]

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Adding Negative Correlation to Your Portfolio

2013 rewarded most equity investors. Backed by broad market strength, the Dow, S+P 500 and NASDAQ each neared record highs. Several economic indicators are fueling optimism in 2014, as well. Low interest rates are keeping borrowing costs down, allowing cheap access to capital for companies to expand. A weak U.S. Dollar allows American products to price competitively in overseas markets, which adds revenue sources for domestic companies. Non-traditional financing is also thriving, as venture capitalists are funding innovation. Despite the rosy outlook, equity rallies can cause us to lose perspective and chase performance. Investors may overlook portfolio imbalances that increase their investment [...]

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