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My 2015 Goals and Objectives

For the past few years I have laid out my goals and objectives (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014), it provides me the opportunity to take an objective look one year (or many years) later to see if I accomplished what I set out to accomplish, or alternatively learned what become more important as time passed. For example, it feels like a completely different world when I take a look at my 2013 goals where I am preparing for our eventual move - we have been in our new house for almost 2 years now!  or in my 2014 Goals and [...]

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Reviewing My 2014 Goals and Objectives

Every year I have the opportunity to take a look at my goals and objectives post from the previous year to see my mindset a year ago and how I may have done with my goals and objectives at the time.  I think it really is an opportunity, because most people don't have actually keep themselves accountable.  Granted, my system is pretty loose as I don't review the post the post every X months, it is better then no system at all!   In 2014 I gave myself the following goals and objectives: Personal Life The Wife and I are going to be working hard [...]

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The Idea that Money Has No Value is Complete Bullshit

I was reading a quick article on Business Insider with the very catchy title, "It Kills me To Watch My Employees Blow through their Bonuses" when I saw a comment that made me want to rip my hair out.  The original article was simple enough, a business owner who couldn't believe what his employees used their bonuses on.  It wasn't even that preachy when you compare it to personal finance blogs.  When I came across the quoted comment I immediately became infuriated, ...Why keep money? It's just paper, it has no real value. This type of statement is complete and utter bullshit [...]

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How Did Some of the Experts and Publications Stock Picks Do in 2014?

Articles that make blanket statements like "these are the stocks to own in X year" drive me absolutely bananas.  It feeds the need for instant results and worse there doesn't seem to be an accountability when the idea fails to beat the market.  Investing should be done on a multi-year maybe multi-decade approach, so it is interesting when an article says this is what you need to own for the next 365 days. In the past when I looked up how the "'Top' Stocks for 2007 and 2008 were doing in 2012" some hit the mark for the year and some failed [...]

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8 Months After Switching to a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Approximately 8 months ago I decided to switch to a prepaid cell phone plan. I knew there had to be a better, or at the very least a more efficient way to handle this monthly bill.  At the time The Wife and I were paying approximately $147/mo so for Sprint service. I was out of my contract but due to upgrades she was not out of hers.  For approximation purposes lets say we were both paying $75 separately. First step in moving towards a prepaid plan was finding a phone.  At the time of the original post I highlighted a few mid-range phones.  I [...]

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