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I Don’t Have the Same Feelings about Share Buybacks as I do Dividends

It is no surprise to anyone that reads the blog regularly that I really like consistent dividend paying stocks and then to get them "cheap" when compared to their value is just the icing on the cake.  I get an income stream and growth on my assets? Score.  However, there is another way corporations reward long term investors; it is known as Share Buyback programs. What is a Share Buyback or Repurchase Program? A share buyback or repurchase program is an acknowledgment from a public corporation that it will be buying outstanding shares with the intent of usually canceling the stock/making them treasury [...]

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Why Don’t People Audit their Life Insurance?

It seems that everyone who pays close enough attention to their finances audits their auto/homeowner's insurance as well as compare credit cards to make sure they are getting the *best* deal out there, but no one talks about auditing their life insurance. What Does Auditing One's Life Insurance Look Like? Just like everyone should know what their balance sheet looks like everyone should have an intimate knowledge of their protection coverage. I shudder every time I hear a friend or family member say, "I think I have $X but not too sure." You aren't sure? You don't know how well or how poorly you [...]

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What is an Insurable Interest?

It just seems almost self evident that if you are applying for life insurance there is probably a reason for it (i.e. a close family member, a business partner, etc.), however, it may not be simple.  Whether it be based on common law or statutory law every State has a different definition for insurable interest.  While the topic likely doesn't matter for most people it is an interesting area of the law that has a lot of history. What is an Insurable Interest? New York is one of those States that codified the definition.  Insurance Law § 3025 reads in part, (a) In [...]

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When Do You Stop Following Your Passions

The following is a guest post from Martin of Studenomics, where he helps you become financially free by 30. Life's too precious to waste it away being in debt or always pissed off. Does there come a point where you grow up and give up on a failing business/passion? I strongly believe so. “IF YOU’RE PUTTING IN 200% EFFORT AND SEEING A 10% RETURN, IT ISN’T A BUSINESS YOU’RE RUNNING. YOU’RE RUNNING THE TITANIC.” - Everett Bogue Evan wrote a great piece on following your passions and when is it time to give up a dream. The following line really resonated with [...]

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October 2013 Dividend Champion Watch List

After my September 2013 Dividend Champion Portfolio Update I bought: 10 shares Target at 63.18 with commissions – $639.75 This (along with every other) update takes a snapshot of certain metrics on a certain date (this one was prepared the night of October 18, 2013). My Dividend Investment Portfolio Screening Criteria The company has paid increasing dividends for the past 20 years. The stock has to have a Price to Earning that is lower than their industry average. The Price to Earnings Ratio has to below 20 regardless of industry average. The Operating Margin has to be in line with the particular stock’s [...]

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