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Are You in a Second Marriage? Then You Should Have a Sound Estate Plan

I have had a conversation twice in the same amount of weeks with people in my life about estate planning disasters waiting to happen due to a second marriage.  Neither situation was formed from an initial ill will but both will end very bad and probably not how the testator wanted. Two Examples of How a Second Marriage is Wrecking a Family's Testamentary Intent The first example is probably pretty common in terms of second marriages from a generation ago.  Husband and Wife are married they have 3 children.  Wife passes away approximately 40 years ago.  Husband  remarries a women who has children [...]

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What Makes A Good Business Partner? I Have Zero Clue

When digging through my email the other night I came across an email I sent that made me laugh.  When I hit send on January 5, 2011 I could not have begin to guess what it would have morphed into nor could I imagine how much profit it would have made over the past 2 and a half years. The business and how it works is irrelevant.  Explaining it wouldn't be worth it, but needless to say it is not an original idea and when I wrote that email it was, as I said, "rudimentry" (not sure why the partner gave me [...]

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How Do You Feel About Advertising The Stock Not the Products The Business Makes

I was reading an industry magazine when I saw this ad.  I have seen them in the past, but for some reason this one caught my attention (nice work advertising team for Kraft).  What took me back was that this advertisement was not for a brand which was under the Kraft umbrella, but rather completely geared towards investors. While I don't own any individual Kraft stock, if I had to guess I probably own it within a mutual or index fund.  Notwithstanding my lack of direct investment in the company, I had two conflicting thoughts when I saw this ad: On the [...]

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Another Reminder Why I Like My Dividend Account

I don't pay particular attention to my dividend income since it is so low, but I was inspired the other week when reviewing a client's file.  The individual, a police officer, built a very impressive balance sheet with his wife, an administrative assistant, but I was shocked when I saw the tax return.  This couple had almost no discernible non-qualified investment income.  Maybe they are super efficient and everything that provides income is held in qualified accounts, but either way it gave me a little inspiration to actually look at my dividend portfolio for a reason other to purchase my monthly lot [...]

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What do the Chilean People Know About Retirement that Most Americans Don’t?

I came across an interesting article about Chile's retirement system which made me think that the population down there may be on to something that more Americans should take advantage of.  In fact, I find it mind boggling that we aren't, at least in part, following their lead.  In the article, Solving Chile's Annuity Puzzle, the author, Mr. Milevsky, highlights both how the system works and some interesting (to me) statistics: Chile mandates that all employees in the workforce must contribute at least 10% of their pre-tax salary into an individual account defined-contribution (DC) plan, managed through the payroll system. Within these [...]

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