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Will I ever Lose my 401k?

Post by SunCorp The 401k can be a great way to save towards your retirement, however, like many savings schemes, it can come with a few hiccups along the way, including the possibility to lose it all. The 401k allows employees to opt to take money out of their wage before tax is slapped on to the bottom line.  All plans vary but most offer a relatively fair level of control over where the money is invested, with many going for equity and bond funds (Evan's Note I hate My 401(k) Choices). One of the most beneficial factors of a 401k is [...]

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How Much Money At One Time Would Change Your Life?

As I have gotten older and  more and more financially established I have noticed something about the thought given to financial windfalls.  I need a bigger and bigger number to make a difference in my life.  My guess it is only natural. When I first started this blog I had over $17K in CC Debt, something like a $13K car note (still have that same car by the way lol),  what had to be $70K or so in student loan debt.  With a negative net worth almost any financial windfall of a couple grand would have been amazing and anything over $20K [...]

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The Detroit Bankruptcy Should Teach You that Nothing is Guaranteed with your Finances

We are years away from understanding the full impact and consequences of Detroit's recent decision to file a Chapter 9 Bankruptcy.  There will be lawsuit after lawsuit and motion after motion to determine what and how the Courts will handle the Country's largest municipal bankruptcy.  The current estimates have us at about $18 Billion debt which is more than 4 times higher than the second biggest (Jefferson County with $4billion of debt)! What I Fear the Detroit Bankruptcy will Do To Personal Finance I won't even pretend to know exactly what is going to happen, even bankruptcy experts do not know where [...]

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Do You Have a Right to Choose Your Child’s Degree or Major?

My Boy Holding The Wife's Camera I tweeted this picture a little over a week ago: The conversation became lively but left me with the question - can a parent who is paying for college choose a degree or major? Can a Parent Choose a Child's College Degree? I think the answer depends on how involved the parent is on a financial level. I think the more money you, as a parent ,are on the hook for the more say you should have in your child's degree.  If a child is paying his way 100% then in reality a parent shouldn't have [...]

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Dividend Investment Portfolio July 2013 Watchlist Update

This (along with every other) update takes a snapshot of certain metrics. Ideally, I would revisit these metrics every single time I went to buy stocks, but my investment schedule is erratic based on unpredictable income and these updates take 90mins+ since everything is done by hand. I would love to figure out a way to automate the process, but zero clue how to do it. This snapshot was done the evening of July 15, 2013 (my last update was done June 13, 2013). My Dividend Investment Portfolio Screening Criteria The company has paid increasing dividends for the past 20 years. The [...]

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