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Google Reader is Going Away

A lot of readers receive my posts using Google Reader.  Well on July 1st the service will be shut down.  Please make sure to transfer your RSS feeds.  I like The Old Reader but a lot of people have moved over to Feedly. The easiest way is just to get all my wisdom via email: * indicates required Email Address * Name * Email Format html text mobile

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Actual Results of my First Time Betting Against a Company

Back in January I discussed that I was jumping in with the bears on a particular stock and actually betting that a company would be worth less than what it was at a future date.  In that post I discuss the difference between the two main options I knew about when trying to profit off a falling company - Shorting a Stock and Buying a Put. To give a quick recap: According to Investopedia when you short a stock, …your broker will lend it to you. The stock will come from the brokerage’s own inventory, from another one of the firm’s customers, [...]

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Waving the White Flag on Actively Trading my Traditional IRA

About a year ago I decided to put some money towards an investment idea I had been thinking about for years.  I was going to buy stocks for the sole purpose of selling covered calls on them.  My thought process was simple enough: Buy equities that were near option call levels Sell a covered call at a price that was predetermined to be an acceptable gain for me Use premium to buy different equities If the stock got called then I received my premium plus the gain that I already accepted as my maximum profit.  If the stock didn't get called away [...]

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Can’t Believe How Much My Financial Life Has Changed

I had the sudden urge to go through my ever growing mail pile on my kitchen table (that urge may or may not have been nurtured by The Wife).  In that pile were 3 credit cards I had to activate due to the old ones being expired.  Currently, The Wife and I only use 2 credit cards and the rest sit dormant; this is a far cry from when I needed a "credit card booklet" created to keep track of all my cards.  Opening the booklet, seeing the cards that had expired as well as those cards that I haven't used in [...]

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First Thing You Need to Understand When You Want to Open ANY Business…

I was talking to a colleague the other day who happened to open up a restaurant when he reminded me of the most important thing to understand and know before you start ANY business.  It wasn't the point of the conversation, but it came out pretty quickly.  I know it will sound trivial and rudimentary, but it is more important than anything else in 98% of the cases.  When you are about to open any business you have to remember that you are actually running a business. Law Firm to Restaurant to Running a Website For the most part, it doesn't matter [...]

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