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An Unusual Way to Create an Amazing Legacy

I came across this amazing and unusual estate plan where the a family created a credit union for heirs only.  Forget having to worry about gifting or tax ramifications of intra-family loans this a legitimate credit union where, according to the CBS' article, For a $5 deposit, plus a 25-cent handling fee, you become a member of Our Family Social Credit Union IF you are a direct descendant of Manley and Lucy Williams, or are married to one. According to the article, OFSCU has 511 members in 22 states, and shockingly only has about $500,000 in assets.  For a 50 year old credit [...]

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Is Anyone Stupid Enough to Care if a CEO’s Salary is $1?

I am not sure if it is an actual trend or I am just noticing it more, but it certainly seems that more and more companies have CEOs whose salary is equal to $1/yr.  Whenever I see stories like this I always shake my head in utter disbelief that anyone actually cares.  It seems like a weird conundrum to me.  If everyone knows that it is a publicity stunt, then why does it garner any publicity or good will at all? What CEOs Currently Earn a $1 per Year Income? As usual, Wikipedia provides a pretty good starting point listing those CEOs [...]

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Thinking about all the Jobs I have had throughout my Life

I was listening to comedian Jim Norton on Opie and Anthony talk about his days working at Pergament which was a home improvement store in the New York / New Jersey area, and it got me to thinking what jobs I have I had in the past? I tried to put this in chronological order, but I am sure I messed up some where considering the times seem to overlap (and I am getting old): Mother's Helper / Babysitter for a family friend who had a child with special needs. Early internet entrepreneur (not very proud of this one) Stock boy in [...]

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Reuters Provides Some Options to Create Your Own Pension

I am always interested in creating future streams of income akin to a personal pension.  I am obsessed with the idea since it is likely I’ll never be involved in a defined benefit or pension plan provided by my employer and I think it has to be terrifying to one day stop your income but still have the same living expenses (i.e. traditional retirement for people) .  In the past I have discussed, the liability based pension design, the option to use life insurance to create a pension and even other insurance based products to create that future stream of stable income.  [...]

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Deciding Whether I Should Sell Stocks in my Dividend Investment Portfolio

I have been investing in dividend paying stocks for a few years now, and I am at a cross roads.  I have some pretty good capital gains (percentage wise, not whole dollar amounts) that I am not exactly sure what to do with.  My gut is fighting with my head and I am not sure who to side with.   I think a bit of history regarding my past 3 years with dividend paying stocks might be helpful. Looking back through my archives I created my perpetual income machine in February of 2010.  That portfolio was held at sharebuilder so I was able [...]

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