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Is Your Debt Rising?

There’s no doubt about it, we live in a tough economy today. There are still quite a large number of people that are out of work, and cash savings are still fairly slim. For many people, it’s all they can do just to survive from one day to the next. So what happens in situations like these? I’ve seen it time and time again where families are just barely surviving, and then something terrible happens. Perhaps the furnace dies on them, or the roof needs repair, or maybe the car needs a new transmission; an event springs up that just can’t possibly [...]

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What to do if Your Credit Card is Stolen

Having your credit card stolen is inconvenient. But not only that, it can also result in you being the victim of identity theft and credit card fraud. Of course, you should make sure the credit cards in your purse or wallet are well protected in case they ever do fall into the wrong hands, but what do you do if the worst does happen and your plastic is stolen? Here are the steps you should take immediately after you discover your credit card has been stolen or is missing: Contact your credit card issuer It is a good idea to keep a [...]

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Don’t be a Jerk Get Life Insurance if You are Raising Children

Last week, I wrote about updating my life insurance and while it isn’t finalized yet revisiting the topic on a very personal level rather than for a faceless client has reinvigorated my feelings on the subject.  Granted, I work with the product, daily, but being in the in the middle of my own protection planning has really reminded me that the main purpose of life insurance shouldn't be forgotten - PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN SHOULD YOU PREMATURELY DIE.  For most relatively healthy young adults term life insurance is cheap.  So, if you are raising children, are relatively healthy, are relatively young and you [...]

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Another Reason I Hate my 401(k)

I have always had a pretty angry relationship with my 401(k).  On the one hand, I get a match of 100% up to 6% of my salary provided by the generous boss-men (anyone know why this is very common?), on the other hand my fund choices are terribly expensive.  I largely ignore the account only updating it once or twice in the past couple years. My 401(k) Over Charges me For Cash While I always knew my 401(k) was expensive in terms of fees, it became much more apparent when readers discussed reallocating and rebalancing my 401(k) with me a few months back.  But, [...]

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Updating, Upgrading and Increasing my Life Insurance

I knew that after I bought the new house it was time to take a step back and really reevaluate the basics of my personal finance situation.  One of the first things I did was to make sure any newly acquired consumer debt was at zero percent interest.  I, then, calculated my new monthly nut and in the midst of that I have been giving real thought to my life insurance situation. I have talked a lot about life insurance on this blog in the past four and half years.  I am back office support for a wealth management and financial planning [...]

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