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Surprise, Men and Women Approach Investments Different

I feel like there is a hyper-push in society today to treat everyone the same, but sometimes the unisex outlook just doesn't make sense.  I feel like anyone with any type of life experience knows there is a difference in almost every aspect between males and females beyond anatomy and this would obviously include investments. I would go as far as to say these natural differences in fact does make one sex better than the other at certain aspects of life.  I don't think I am portraying misogyny or chauvinistic tendencies when I say that the WNBA is a terrible product compared to the NBA.  Anyone that [...]

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Millennials Do Not Have New Job Rules

I am always weary of articles that are clearly trying to make the argument that today is different than 5, 10 or even 20 years ago with regards to almost anything except technology.  Until I started writing this post I hadn’t realized how many times I have written/bitched about the topic: The Past wasn’t as good as you remember it so get over it There were never good ole days when it comes to personal finance There are No New Retirement Rules There are No New Job Hunting Rules Just like there are no new retirement rules there are no new job [...]

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Options When You Have an Insufficient Retirement

No one likes to think about it, but it does happen, especially in our current economic climate.  People reach retirement age and don't have quite enough saved.  As the Huffington Post points out, The average person in the United States will spend 21 years in retirement, but will deplete their savings after just 14 years, leaving a shortfall of seven years, according to an HSBC report released today [2/20/2013]. Of course, most of us would like to live a long life, but finding financial support when your retirement is insufficient can be difficult.  If you are nearing retirement, here are some strategies [...]

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Are You Still Paying for a Landline?

Before we moved The Wife and I had a landline as well as a virtual line that came with our triple play package.  We kept the landline because the town house was set up for one line and The Wife needed a fax line so the landline provided a ghost ring for faxes.  Now that we are in the new place we decided it was back to optimizing our Monthly Nut and the landline was the first thing to handle.  Your monthly nut is the bare minimum you must spend on expenses, bills, debt repayment, etc.  It is the money you need [...]

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I Am Actually Excited to Buy My Niece’s Birthday Gift – Investments!

I hate how many toys I have in my house.  It isn’t the clutter as I am not a neat guy, it is that I truly believe that my son just doesn’t care about 92% of the toys.  So I think I just see them as wasted money mostly by very generous friends and family.  If I threw out most of them he just wouldn’t notice.  I was expressing my feelings to a buddy when he told me about a great idea I have now completely stolen.  While it probably isn't original it is something I had never thought of.  Instead of [...]

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