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The World Lost a Great Personal Finance Role Model

On Friday, January 18, 2013, The Wife’s grandmother passed away.  She died while we were closing on our new home and no one called us to tell us until hours after to let us have a good memory of that day.  She was 92 years old and up to her last moments was sharp as a tack.  I am only writing about it now because her funeral was a couple of days ago (Monday the 28th).  She was a lot of fun to just sit and talk to since she loved to tell stories and I am not sure if it was [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

It’s January, which means you are probably well on your way to upholding those New Year’s resolutions that you made a few weeks ago. The start of a New Year is always a great time to start thinking about the future. Perhaps 2013 is the year you want to get married, start a family, or purchase a new home or car. While you don’t need a good credit score to get married or start a family, you’ll be much better off applying for a new credit card or purchasing a new home or automobile if you have a healthy credit score. Understanding [...]

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Starting an Investment Club

Notice how the title of this blog post is not how to start an investment club, because to be honest I have absolutely no experience with the topic.  Notwithstanding I am taking the plunge and starting an investment club with a few friends, and I love to hear your input.  The idea for an investment club originated about 4 years ago, but quickly died down after my employer told me it was a hassle with regards to compliance.  However, last week after a few scotches (best ideas start with that sentence) I decided with a co-worker to find out what “hassle” meant; [...]

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We Finally Bought a House!

After month after month of updates we finally closed on our new home on Friday, January 18, 2013.  It seems I provided some type of update every 6 or so weeks : My House is on the Market in March Housing Update in April 5 Months Later Housing Update December 5th Home Update My First Post Written Not Owning my Home The Finances of My New Home In my December 5th housing update I provided all the reasons I liked and disliked the home but never really talked about the finances of the home.  Readers of this blog vary so some of [...]

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I Bet Against a Stock For the First Time–What Does Buying a Put Mean?

Before yesterday, I have never actually taken a position where I profited when a stock would decrease in price.  The reason was simply because I lacked the understanding and education as to how I would actually be able to do it short of shorting a company’s stock.  That is when I learned of another, much less riskier way which is buying in the money puts. What Does Shorting a Stock Mean? Most individual investors are “long” on stocks, meaning that they are betting, hoping, wishing that the particular equity that they are buying is going to increase in price.  That is the [...]

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