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How Did I do With my 2013 Goals and Objectives?

Every year I create Goals and Objectives for myself.  In January of 2013 my goals and objectives were split into a few different categories: Personal Life Professional Life Blogging World Online Income World Financial Goals How did I do with my Goals for My Personal Life 2013 is going to be a year of change for my family and I.  We should be closing on our new home in the next few weeks. Mission accomplished.  In early January of 2013 we closed on our new home.  I'll have set numbers in a few weeks, but I am pretty sure I paid down [...]

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Any Easy Way to Save on Your Verizon Fios Bill

When I moved last year I signed up for Verizon Fios for my triple play package.  Being a new customer I got a great deal without signing a long term contract, however, I knew I was at the end of that initial "new customer" term.  After looking into the situation it seemed that my price was going to shoot up for less services! Unacceptable. How I Saved Money on my Verizon FIOS Bundle The first thing I did was attempt the "fake cancel".  Everyone who has tried to optimize their monthly nut is well aware of the fake cancel.  For the uninitiated, [...]

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My Dividend Stream is Growing but is Still So Unexciting

Unless I receive any additional dividend payments in the next 13 days, my dividend income has increased 50+%! But I am pretty bummed about it.  How could that be possible? The problem is that the whole number is still damn unexciting.  In 2012 my (very distant) perpetual income machine provided $458.18 in dividends for the year while in 2013 that number increased to $760.44.   Enough for 2 dinners at a fancy steak house is not what dreams are made of. My Current Holdings and Yield on Cost I have never tried to calculate my yield on cost until this post.  Yield on [...]

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December 2013 Dividend Watchlist

After my November 2013 Dividend Watchlist update I bought: 18 Shares of BMS for $711.39 with commissions 15 Shares of HCP for $581.10 with commissions Sold 24 shares of MCY for proceeds of $1,114.27 after commissions. I think this was the first time I ever sold, even a part, of a position that wasn't due to a dividend cut.  I already provided my reasoning why I sold a long term dividend hold in an entire post, but the crux of the discussion was that the stock seemed overvalued to ignore. As I have mentioned in the past this (along with every other) [...]

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Reviewing how Kiplinger’s Stock Picks for 2013 Performed

I always hated those articles that take a moment in time and provide the reader with the "best" stocks using just a paragraph of justification. They don't seem to make any sense to me, but I am sure they sell magazines. Every year or so I take a look at the list and actually call out the authors since no one else seems to care about actual performance. In the past I took look at Fortune's Picks for 2011 4 months into that year and how Fortune's 2007 and Money Magazine's 2008 Lists were doing in 2012.  Today's it Kiplinger's turn. Taking [...]

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