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Taxes on Dividend Income Could Rise as High as 43.4% After the Fiscal Cliff

The media has been inundated with the Fiscal Cliff recently, however, I am shocked how little attention the increase in taxes owed on qualified dividends has received.  As it stands today, dividend income could rise from 15% to as high as 43.4%!  Truth be told, I am pretty sure as this post gets buried in my archives looking back at it in a year it will look silly as I believe that those elected will get their act together.  Notwithstanding I think it is important to talk about what could happen come January 1, 2013 to dividends if for no other reason to see [...]

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IRS Increases Annual Gifting Exclusion for 2013

The Internal Revenue Service recently published various inflation based adjustments.  Among the two dozen tax provisions affected was the Annual Gift Exclusion amount.  The amount you can gift to someone has increased from $13,000 in 2012 to $14,000 in 2014. What is the Annual Gift Exclusion Amount? In the United States a person with interests/assets over $14,000 can not just gift their entire interests to another person without running into Federal Gift Taxes and his or her ultimate Estate Taxes as well (As you will see below it doesn't mean you'll actually owe anything).  To prevent this post from being 5,000 words [...]

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If You are an Employee Your Right to Complain is Limited

It has been way too long since I got some emotions out on this blog.  It took a lot out of me but I purposefully kept away from the election topic (other than some arguing on twitter) because I was so disillusioned with the two candidates.  But with recent stories like Workers Complaing that Target is Opening earlier than Friday Morning  Papa Johns raising their prices on “pizza” due to Obamacare and The baker’s union getting what they deserve (i.e. a game of chicken that they basically lost) with executives at Hostess I have been hearing way too much of the employee-mindset [...]

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I Didn’t Like Using a Buyer’s Real Estate Broker

Last week, The Wife and I went to contract on our new home (I will post pictures later this week), and there is one topic that The Wife and I went back and forth on and we still don't agree with each other.  When we first started looking for homes we ran into a very nice seller's agent who we then employed as our buyer's broker. What I Like about Using a Buyer's Broker Not every couple is the same, but I will tell you the best thing about using a Real Estate Buyer's Broker was the fact that it was nice [...]

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Important People You Need to Name When Estate Planning

Most people think about the flow of their assets when they think "estate planning" and while gifting, trusts, and taxes are obviously important I have found that there is something that takes precedence for most younger families and that is the naming of your Executor, Trustee and Guardian. Firms such as Estate Planning Attorney San Diego can help you with the naming of your Executor, Trustee and Guardian. Naming an Executor Black's Law Dictionary defines executor  A person named by a testator to carry out the provisions in the testator's will The Executor is person who is going to attempt and wrap up [...]

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