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Comparing Mortgage Rates a Generation Later

I don’t think many people actually understand how low the mortgage rates really are today and how those low rates work with an amortization payment schedule to make real property purchases an amazing opportunity.  I recently had a conversation that reminded me that we are in uncharted territory historically speaking. At every twist and turn in the house selling and purchasing process I have looked forward to getting my boss in his office to talk it out with him as I respect his opinion and at almost every opportunity he has provided insight that The Wife and I just didn’t think about.  I [...]

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A New 85 Year Old Client Has Provided More Inspiration Than She’ll Ever Know

I had a couple of crazy days in the past few weeks balancing work, this site and my small trust and estates solo law office.  It was towards one of the end of those crazy days when my 85 year old client blew my mind with something she said. I knew the day was going to be crazy: I went to work till lunch Left at lunch to head to the County Clerk’s office in the next County for a copy of a deed which was not online (50 miles) Drove back home with my copy (50 miles) Drove with The Wife [...]

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Would You Buy Your Life Insurance at Walmart?

Bloomberg reported earlier this month that MetLife, the largest life insurer in America, is going to be selling prepaid life insurance on the shelves of Walmart.  The article explains the transaction and prices pretty simply, A one-year policy, providing a $10,000 death benefit, is advertised at $69 for people ages 18 to 44. Those 60 to 65would pay $429 for $25,000 of coverage lasting a year. Customers purchase a prepaid card that holds enough value to cover the policy’s cost and then call MetLife to answer health questions and activate the coverage. Those who don’t qualify can return their purchase or use [...]

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What Does 1% Look Like for Investing? Inflation? Debt?

People often think that 1% is not a lot when it comes to spending, investing, inflation, debt, income and home purchases, but it is through the wonder of compounding interest that 1% becomes a lot comparatively. What Does a 1% Increase in your Investment Return Look Like Each Year? One Percent may not seem like a lot, but look at the differences: YEAR BOY BALANCE GROWTH (4%) EOY BALANCE   YEAR BOY BALANCE GROWTH (5%) EOY BALANCE   YEAR BOY BALANCE GROWTH (6%) EOY BALANCE 1 $50,000 $2,000 $52,000   1 $50,000 $2,500 $52,500   1 $50,000 $3,000 $53,000 2 $52,000 $2,080 [...]

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Where Did All the NFL Owners Obtain their Wealth?

There was a story a few weeks ago about the value of the Cowboys, and while impressive how much the Dallas Cowboys are/were estimated to be worth ($2,000,0000,000 yup that is 2 Billion Dollars) that is not what interested me more.  The article's author, Mr. Ozanian, also provided the value for what Jerry Jones bought the team for ($150 million) among other teams in the league, and it got me thinking, just where did all these owners get the money to buy the teams in the first place? Some other examples Mr. Ozanian provided, …. Wayne Weaver paid $208 million for the [...]

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