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Paying For Some of My New Home by Borrowing from Myself

I have had this idea in my head for a bit and I am almost positive I will not do go through with it, but I think it is an interesting topic nonetheless.  As many readers know I am in the midst of selling my home and purchasing a new one, and in doing so I have played with a mortgage calculator more times than I would like to admit.  It is not even in question that I am going to put down at least 20% as to avoid PMI, but what if I put more money down? Specifically, what if "I [...]

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Dealing With Forgotten Personal Finance Issues

Have you ever had that moment where momentum on all your financial goals halts because you somehow forgot about a planned bump in the road? I’m not talking about the surprises in life, like when a tree falls on your car or the basement floods.  I’m talking when its 3 weeks till Christmas and you have no gifts and somehow forgot to put money aside for any so you have to either charge it or pull money from some other reserve.  I’m sure for many this happens at least once in a while but I never imagined it’d happen to me since [...]

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Finally Rebalancing and Reallocating my 401(k)

The last time I reallocated and rebalanced my 401(k) was in 2010 and even though I have mentioned “rebalancing my 401(k)” as a goal for years, I never did anything about it.  Come to think about it besides discovering (and fixing) the fact that I was leaving money on the table regarding my match, I have largely ignored the account.  The only reason I can think of why I ignore the account is the fact that it is so automatic that I only check it about it once a month when I prepare my net worth statements and even then it is [...]

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What Monthly Expenses Exist Today That Weren’t There in the Past?

The other day I had an interesting conversation with Helaine Olen, an infinitely more talented writer than I, about what is holding back my generation and the generation below me from financial prosperity.  I was responding to a recent article by Ms. Olen titled “The Problem with Finovate” in which it is her contention that, The cost of everything from healthcare to education and housing has increased at rates significantly above that of inflation over the past several decades, even as our salaries stagnated and slowly collapsed. While her point is obviously valid it made me start to think about how many [...]

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My Steps to a Healthier Life

What can I do today to make tomorrow better?  I try to answer this question on days when I’m struggling to eat properly or on days when I feel cruddy because I’ve eaten poorly.  Many people struggle day in and day out to eat the way they think they should eat.  Whether it’s to lose weight, get a disease under control, or to help prevent future ailments, changing eating habits is difficult.  I’m trying to change my eating habits to control mental issues, get my weight under control, and achieve a healthy relationship with food.  The three goals I have set out [...]

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