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How I Make Money Blogging

I have shared a lot of my financial details on this site including my investment strategies, my growing net worth and even a secret business I want to open up, but I have never discussed how this blog operates as a business.  Until today.  I have no real interest in running the type of blog that really “teaches” how to blog I wouldn’t find it interesting enough to keep it up; The Financial Blogger does a 1000x better job than I ever could (he also makes a lot more than I do and clears a good amount more). First and foremost, I [...]

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Refinance Roadblocks

What do you do when the universe appears to be against all attempts to complete a goal?  Perfect credit, spotless payment record, and 12 years at the same job (proof of ability to pay,) and I never imagined it’d be so impossible to take advantage of the record low interest rates.  But after 2 failed attempts to lower our rate on our mortgage I had to come up with a new plan. I’m happy to say that our $135,000 mortgage has been our only debt for 4 years.  Our current 5.75% isn’t terrible but it drives me insane knowing rates in the [...]

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Analyzing the Prepayments on One of My Student Loans

As I made my monthly payment the other day on one of my student loans I wondered how much I have saved in interest over the years by adding to the principal some months.  Since the lender didn’t provide me with that information I almost looked at it as a challenge to see whether I could figure it out.  Since I had the drive to figure out the math problem and this blog so I had people to share the information with I went for it. What is an Amortized Loan? Before getting to my particular situation one would first need to [...]

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Keeping Myself Accountable to my Football Endeavors

If you follow me on twitter you'll randomly see pictures from me playing cards or going into a casino.  I really enjoy gambling.  That being said, I don't ever spend all that much doing so...I get a sick feeling in my stomach knowing that one hand, one roll, etc cost me too much (Side note: this is why I don't play craps). Every year I am involved in multiple pools/fantasy football leagues.  By the end of the year I always say I break even, but that can't possibly be true.  So this year for the first time I am going to let [...]

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Why I Purchased Whole Life Insurance on My Child and Why I think EVERYONE Should Consider Doing So

When Jeff Rose asked me to partake in his Life Insurance Movement I cringed and ignored it at first glance.  I disagree with 97% of bloggers and personal finance when it comes to life insurance.  I believe that when it comes to life insurance the majority of people simply regurgitate so-called experts as opposed to stepping back and critically thinking about the subject.  One area in particular is when it comes to purchasing life insurance on a new born or infant.  First we will look at logical reasons why everyone should consider purchasing permanent life insurance on a child, and then we [...]

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