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Em’s Journey to Millions: Hello World & 2012 Goals

One day before my 26th birthday, Evan approached me with a chance to be a cowriter on this blog. Could I share the progress I make on my personal and financial goals, and give insight on my strategies for achieving these goals? I was immediately ecstatic at the thought of having a place that holds me accountable for staying on track. The possibility of being an inspiration to others, like so many personal finance bloggers have been to me, was a huge reason I wanted to accept his offer. Once the elation subsided I became horrified of what I had just signed [...]

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Generating Income During Retirement with the Internet

The Wall Street Journal highlighted some unusual ways to boost income during retirement but I felt like the article left a lot to be desired in both what it included and what it was missing. Unlike most articles produced by the journal this piece felt like it was quickly put together without much thought or research. Their list of unusual ways to boost income included: Grow Trees Make Loans using a peer to peer service Rent a Room Tutor Students Invest in Preferred Stocks My first problem with the article is that besides the suggestion of growing trees I don’t think the [...]

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How the New 401(k) Disclosure Fees Are Providing Clarity to my 401(k)…Kind of

Earlier this year the Department of Labor released their final ruling to improve transparency of fees and expenses to workers*.  The approved regulations are set to provide more clarity to 401(k)s and how expenses are being rolled into these plans with or without your knowledge. In all honesty I didn’t give much thought to the notices at first for two reasons. One, I didn’t believe they would actually get implemented considering how strong the investment lobby is. Second, and more importantly, they changes won’t really affect me all that much.  I am not my firm’s plan sponsor and I can’t imagine myself [...]

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Are Gym Memberships A Waste Of Money?

There is no doubt that life at the moment is stressful for most of us. An unstable economy and rising prices means we have to stretch our hard-earned money even further. Many little luxuries that you used to enjoy have to be given up to set aside more money for increased bills and even food. Yet we still need to enjoy life, relieve stress and fit some exercise into our hectic schedules. The government recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise three to five times a week and many of us choose to achieve our exercise goals at the gym. Realistically, [...]

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Where Would You Invest if You Didn’t Trust the Market?

I was thinking about my lack of risk tolerance the other week and I thought to myself that I can't be alone.  I am only 30 but in the 12 years since I have become an adult I have seen 9/11, the dot-com crash, housing crash, credit crunch, unemployment rate nearly double, Euro Crisis, commodity correction, and I am sure a few other issues I can't think of right now.  It didn't take me long to find out that I am not alone. Some excerpts from a Forbes article/study from late 2011,  40% of Gen Y investors are reported as agreeing with the [...]

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