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An Update on the Selling of our Home and Buying a New House

I recently mentioned that our house was on the market, so I figured I would put an update as to what was going on. Our Home Sale Not surprisingly, the non-profit in charge of selling the home did absolutely nothing for us.  Anyone work for a non-profit out there? Why do they move slower than a government agency!? I actually ended up getting into an aggressive email discussion with them about their inefficiencies.  Regardless of the details, I ended up backing off since I still will need their help. So after giving them about a month to hopefully do what they are [...]

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Wow…I have Been At My Job for 5 Years

I realized something this morning as I walked into my office building, next month I will have been working at the same place for 5 years.  To put that in perspective: That is about one-sixth my life That is a longer tenure than I spent in high school That is a longer tenure than I was in college That is almost double the time I was in Law school I have been with The Wife 12 years (not sure how that is relevant but man that is a long time too) I have pretty mixed feelings about this not so subtle revelation.  [...]

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Carnival of Money Pros

The Carnival of Money Pros are submissions by fellow personal finance bloggers that generally talk about the pros of money.    If you don't see your post and you submitted I am sorry for not including it, but I don't believe it met the nature of the Carnival. This Week's Carnival of Money Pros In no Particular Order: Kraig @ Young, Cheap Living writes 10 Personal Finance Tips for Young Adults - As he gets another year closer to turning 30, Kraig examines what he's learned about personal finance in his twenties and shares 10 tips on personal finance that he's learned so far. [...]

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When Building a Dividend Portfolio Should The Dividend Pay Date Matter?

I was reviewing my income received the other day for my dividend account and after realizing it is way too low I had a quick thought…should it matter when dividends are paid by the companies I am investing in? Should the payment date of the dividend actually come into consideration when choosing individual dividend stocks to invest in?  As always with personal finance I think the answer is that it depends. Should it matter when a Dividend payment is made? In an unrelated article author Robert Laura provides his approach to dividend income through a laddered equity approach.  The example he provides: [...]

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There are No Money Rules

I abhor when personal finance bloggers and authors create “unbreakable” rules when it comes to finances.  To be blunt, I think most of them are simply bullshit.  I think a lot of them are made to be “unbreakable” because the author thinks the reader is too stupid to understand there are gray areas in personal finance, or alternatively, the author is too stupid to understand there are exceptions and gray areas. Even the simple, spend less than you earn is in direct violation when someone is using leverage and credit to build a new small business.  Imagine if no one violated the [...]

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