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Tracking My Monthly American Express Bill

Since December I have published my American Express Bill in a hope that it will force me to become more responsible with spending. When I was destroying debt I watched everything very carefully, but since we have no consumer debt (besides this revolving charge card which must be paid off in full every month) I am a little looser with spending.   It seems that while my December to January has come down it seems that my spending is currently in line with last month. My February Spending Date Description Amount 02/19/2012 BJS FUEL 60.82 02/18/2012 EXXONMOBIL 25.00 02/18/2012 MSG-CONCESSIONS NEW YORK [...]

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Why You Should Buy Life Insurance Regardless of Whether You Have a Spouse or Children

I believe that one should at least entertain the thought of a flexible life insurance policy regardless of whether you have a child, life partner or spouse.  I am aware that this contradicts main stream advice, but there are two main reasons, both of which were the basis of my decision to buy life insurance on my child, Cost and Insurability. You Can’t Always Get Adequate Life Insurance Everyone assumes that when you are able to start that family, when someone depends on your income, when you get that mortgage, etc., you’ll just go out and buy some life insurance.  This isn’t [...]

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How Much Interest Do I Pay? An Update

In November of 2009 where I sat down and actually calculated how much of my monthly payments were going to interest; again, I repeated this exercise on June 23, 2011.  Well it has been another eight months or so, which means it is about time to figure out how much of my money is going to just servicing my debt via interest payments.  Since my last update  I have paid off my auto loan and while I have accelerated most amortization schedules I doubt I have yet to reach the point where I have started to see those benefits. Calculating How Much [...]

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My Experience At a Storage Auction

When a buddy told me about his love affair with Storage Wars I let him know I wasn’t a fan of the show despite loving Pawn Stars and Shark Tank but the conversation still gave me an idea.  Why couldn’t this be another income stream? The idea seemed simple enough, someone who didn’t pay their storage fees would have their unit auctioned and I would purchase that unit and then sell its contents for a profit.  Well, it didn’t work out that way at all. What Happened At My First Storage Auction Earlier this month my friend and I called a few [...]

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What Generation Has The Most Debt?

Who hasn’t wondered which generation has the most debt? The discussion actually led to a pretty heated battle in the Evan household.  While the people at Live Credit Smart provided us with actual answer of What Generation Has the Most Debt I believe it should be a deeper conversation: The Wife took the infographic at face value saying that it is our generation was the first ones with access to cheap student loans, cheap mortgage rates and Credit Card offers at every building in college.  I believe that you can’t look at the infographic at face value since it follows a normal [...]

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