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Real Estate as an Investment?

When you prepare to enter the real estate market for the first time, you may find that many well-meaning individuals will encourage you to buy as much house as you can with as many amenities as possible because home ownership is an investment.  You may even believe this yourself.    After all, if you plan to stay in the house for twenty or thirty years, inevitably, when you sell you will recoup your investment plus make a profit, right? Not necessarily. Simply put, a home should not be viewed as an investment.  A home affords you a comfortable place to live, which [...]

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How I Saved $80 with Sprint and Why You Should Read Personal Finance Blogs

I, like most people, do not check my monthly bills that are on auto pay unless something goes wrong.  So I am sure you can imagine my surprise when I was checking out one of the oldest personal finance blogs, My Money Blog, and I learned something about my specific Sprint Bill. In the post Jonathan warned that about a  change in how Sprint was applying a company discount as it relates to a family plan.  Specifically, it was reported that Sprint would be taking my 16% discount would only apply to the main account and not to the second line.  I [...]

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Household Saving and Spending Advice

When you are faced with a regular pile of household bills, it can often be a little daunting working out where to start if you’re trying to save money. However, there are some relatively simple things you can do to save on your household bills and ensure you get the best deals available. Of course, there are some bills you are always going to have to pay. For instance, you’ll need to pay your mortgage/rent, gas, electricity, water, phone, car, insurance and internet bills (give or take a couple, depending on your situation). Some of these are likely to be fixed or [...]

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Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

I refuse to believe that there is a male out there who is in between the age of 22 and 48 who hasn’t seen the movie Rudy.  A feel good story about Daniel Ruettiger, a scrappy little guy who works his tail off to make the Notre Dame football team despite lacking the physical ability.  The movie is amazing and elicits tears from the toughest of men (not this guy but The Wife calls me an emotional wasteland so I am not a good barometer).  So at this point you probably think I am going to make some connection between working hard [...]

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The Worst Way to Invest in Real Estate

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate? Would you try to flip your houses, or would you start creating a passive income by renting it out? Personally, I love the idea of investing in real estate and earning my passive income through rent money, but there is a good way to go about it and an absolutely terrible way. How to Lose Your Shirt in Real Estate During the housing boom, a popular method of real estate investing came about and showed up in books everywhere. This method focused on purchasing one house every single year for 10 years. Then, [...]

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