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How Did I Do With my 2012 Goals and Objectives?

One of the things I really like about this blog is that I am able to put my goals and objectives for the upcoming year and then unlike most people I can then take an actual look to see if I even came close to achieving those goals.  I have been doing this for a couple of years: Goals for 2009 Goals for 2010 - Reviewing those Goals a year later Goals for 2011 - Reviewing those Goals a year later Goals for 2012 Rereading those posts, I notice a pretty depressing trend that I didn't break in 2012.  In almost every "goal" post for [...]

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Paid Off One of My Student Loans Early! Calculating The Interest I Saved

One of my goals for 2012 was to pay off the smallest of my student loans.  The balance at the beginning of the year was only $4,300 (originally $10,000 2007) and it was way down on the priority list considering the main goal this year (which I am getting close to finishing up) was selling and buying a home which takes (a lot of) cold hard cash.  Well, last week I did it! After selling our home I saw the cash sitting in the account and thought enough was enough I am getting rid of this account. I am not sure when [...]

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Situations When A Retiree Should Own Life Insurance

Most personal finance bloggers or gurus would say that Retirees or near retirees no longer need insurance, however, like most personal finance advice when you start applying real life situations the hard and fast rule starts to crumble.  There are situations when retirees or near retirees should have life insurance and just like my view on purchasing life insurance on a child one just needs to think about it logically to come to the same conclusion. Protecting A Survivor's Income Life insurance is often used to replace a lost source of income.  The easy situations is when a retired couple has one spouse [...]

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December 2012 Dividend Champion Watchlist Update

Every few months I like to update the watch list for my Dividend Investment Portfolio (last update was in October of 2012).  As explained in great detail below, I apply various metrics to the Dividend Champion List (defined below) to weed through the list to create a watchlist that I’ll buy lots of over the next few months.  The watch list is based on a snapshot of the metrics, this time the night of December 11, 2012, but the purchase decisions (again only once a month) is based on that day's price in comparison to the 52 week and low. I think [...]

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After 5 and a Half Years I Sold My Home and I Don’t Think I Made Any Money

I sold my home yesterday.  I don’t think the fact has really sunk in since I am not moving out until early next month, but it’s a pretty big deal!  The home is not like other homes as it is part of a public housing program to keep young professionals on Long Island.   The program worked as follows: In a neighborhood of 130 55+ town homes 28 units were designated “Next Generation” Those 28 units had over 300 applicants when the program was announced in late 2006. There was a lottery. I was chosen as number 8 That allowed me the opportunity [...]

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