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Analyzing the Perception of the “1 Percent”

One of the reasons we are having Occupy Wall Street protests and backlash towards the “1 percent” is because the public doesn't understand what it is like to have money. All they see when they hear about investment bankers and stock analysts is about the expensive cars, luxurious meals, and the near rock n' roll lifestyle that those in the industry live. No matter if they work for Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan, Wall Street people are just doing what they do best – making money. Most of the protesters and critics are just jealous of the economic success and higher living [...]

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Goals and Objectives for 2012

A couple of days ago I “graded” myself as to how I did for my 2011 Goals and Objectives and with only  a couple days left in 2011 it is about time to lay it on the line for what I expect for myself in 2012.  One of the main reasons I started this blog was to keep myself accountable to anyone that was reading it, so thank you for keeping me honest!  I think it is a disservice to one’s self to create a "new year resolutions" based purely on numbers because they mean nothing without a plan to reach them.  [...]

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Our Credit Card Spending November to December

I read an inspiring post on Financial Samurai titled, “Credit Card Enlightenment: Track Your Expenses Wisely” that made me want to get a handle on monthly expenditures, but as explained before I feel like I started in the wrong month, but oh well!  Unlike my net worth updates, I am going to provide exact dollars (I guess I am getting transparent in my old age).Before getting into the details, the following charges were made on the one card I primarily use, my Premier Gold American Express which I pay off monthly. My Monthly Expenses Nov 22-30 Dec 1-22 Merchant Total MICRO CENTER-LONG [...]

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Reviewing How I Did on My 2011 Goals and Objectives

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I published my goals and objectives for 2011 (December 31, 2011 at 12:45am) and as we come to the end of the year I thought it be about time to review that post and see how I did.   I have done this for the past: Goals and Objectives for 2010 – Reviewing Those Goals and Objectives at Year End Goals and Objectives for 2009 I had split my goals and objectives into four categories: Personal Life Professional Life Blogging World Financial Goals Personal Life 2011 Goals and Objectives I am attempting to [...]

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Friendly and Free Stock Picking Contest Among Bloggers and Readers

Who doesn’t like a little friendly and free competition between people you interact with daily? I know I do, so I am excited to be entering into a stock picking competition with a few other bloggers I know (and the list seems to be growing which makes it even more fun).  Before we talk about my 3 picks, here is a little bit about the competition:     PICK 3 STOCKS you think will perform the best in 2012 SIGN-UP on the Money Pros Index Fund Challenge registration form - before the first trading day of 2012! FOLLOW your progress, and see [...]

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