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December 2011 Net Worth Update

November was a mixed month as I celebrated (yet again) my 30th birthday and I had a great thanksgiving weekend, but fiscally speaking it was sub-par at best and frustrating at worst.  Despite increasing my 401(k) contributions, saving more liquid cash than average and buying more dividend paying stocks then I ever had before I basically tread water this past month. What is Included in My Net Worth? The assets I include are: My Cash Savings Accounts My 401(k) Random Non-Qualified Investments Accounts The Wife’s Roth IRA My Small but Awesome Dividend Investment Portfolio which I will update in the next week [...]

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My Thanksgiving Weekend

I mentioned last month that I wanted to personalize my blog a bit more and I think the best way to do so is to share a little bit about my life that has absolutely nothing to do with finances.  Blasphemy, right? In addition, I think it will be really cool to look through my archives one day and figure out what I did around that time and my mindset…a little bit more of a “web log.” On Wednesday evening (Thanksgiving eve) I went with two buddies to Peter Lugers a very high end steak house.  It was unreal! We ordered, Lamb [...]

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Unusual Ways to Save Money

Looking for ways to save money is a popular pastime for many of us, but for some people it becomes something of an obsession. Luckily for us, this has led to some interesting and unusual ways of saving money, which we can either use as inspiration for our own money-saving endeavors or for… well, something interesting to read. So, you know all about the common money saving tactics such as using comparison sites to get better car insurance quotes and adopting energy-saving measures in your home, but what about these things? Substitute products For some, switching from branded goods to supermarket own-brands [...]

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I Don’t Understand the Safe Withdrawal Rate Discussion

It isn’t hard to find an article that discusses Safe Withdrawal rates, but I am not exactly sure why it is such a hot topic in retirement planning.  Investopedia provides a pretty succinct definition of the Safe Withdrawal Rate (which they refer to as the 4% rule), What Does Four Percent Rule Mean? A rule of thumb used to determine the amount of funds to withdraw from a retirement account each year. The four percent rule seeks to provide a steady stream of funds to the retiree, while also keeping an account balance that will allow funds to be withdrawn for a [...]

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How Much is Too Much to Spend on a Hobby?

  I am not sure if it is sad or not, but my main hobby is this blog and building my online empire, however, as many people would guess that it isn’t a very physical hobby.  Then throw in the fact that I sit at a desk all day and it all equals a not very healthy Evan.  Something must change.  The very thought of joining a gym completely bores me as I have a gym I already don’t go to in my complex, so I have been thinking about what would keep my attention?  I have been giving real thought to [...]

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