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Bank of America’s New Fee is Yet Another Example of Congressional Ineptness

Sometimes when I read Congressional Members’ rationale for certain bills it makes me literally want to rip my hair out of my head.  Luckily I refrain since I am the only one of my brothers with hair left.  It is ridiculous that no one seems to learn the law of unintended consequences. A Company exists to provide a service to make money.  The executives and board members of that company have a fiduciary duty to be profitable.  So when someone impedes on their ability to make money it is their RESPONSIBILITY to figure out a way to make up the shortfall. It [...]

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October 2011 Dividend Investment Portfolio Update

About 18 months ago, I started my Perpetual Income Machine which then eventually morphed into my dividend investment portfolio.  Now every couple months I update those specific stocks which are on my "watch list" for the following months to come. While the stocks I am purchasing change every few months, I never sell those stocks previously purchased unless they get kicked off the Aristocrat list.  My eventual goal will have tons of different lots purchased when the stock was the cheapest.  Taxes will be a nightmare, but I don't plan on selling for a long long time, so we'll let Future Evan [...]

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Why I am Not A Big Proponent of Revocable Living Trusts

As I have mentioned before that in addition to my day job, and this blog I operate a very small law practice. In both my law practice and day job Revocable Living Trusts come up often, however, I am not a particularly big proponent of using them for one specific reason discussed below. What is a Revocable Living Trust? A Revocable Living Trust is a trust with rules for distribution of assets it owns both during the life of the grantor (person creating the trust) and at death of the grantor.  It is usually accompanied by a "pour over will" which is [...]

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Getting My American Express Gold Card Annual Fee Waived

I remember recently that it was about a year since I signed up for the American Express Gold Card.  The sole reason I signed up for the card was the 50,000 bonus points I received (their deals change all the time) and I knew I would be going on a trip this year so I would get most if not all of my plane ticket taken care of.  The promotional time had expired but I wanted to keep the card, but how do I justify the $175 the annual fee? If you are interested I used up those 50,000 points plus another [...]

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When is a Home Purchase Considered a Smart Investment?

Anyone that owns a house knows that they can often be money pits. Some people consider a home as an expense, rather than an investment. I think that either case can be true, but it depends greatly on HOW you purchase the home. When people are searching for a home to live in, they often will choose a property based on emotion. People envision a home as a place to raise their kids or grow old, and make a decision that isn't best for them financially. In this case, it is easy for a buyer to in over their head and come [...]

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