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Income Tax Planning for Savings Bonds

US Saving onds I can't believe it was almost three years ago that I researched Estate Planning and Savings Bonds, wow time flies!  Notwithstanding, there are various tax strategies when dealing with your Savings bonds.  The first has to do when you should "choose" to pay tax on the interest gained and the second has to do with a possible way to eliminate the tax totally. When Should You Declare Your Government Savings Bond Income? While United States Saving Bonds are exempt from State income tax they are taxed at the federal level.  However, the Federal Government provides for two [...]

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7 Links–My Journey to Millions

I have never participated in a Blog meme but when Glen from Free From Broke called me out, how do I not rise to the occasion? I am supposed to pick out: Your most beautiful post Your most popular post Your most controversial post Your most helpful post A post whose success surprised you A post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved The post that you are most proud of In the past 3 years of blogging I have over 575 posts (granted some are guest posts) but that gives me a lot to choose from.  I hope you enjoy [...]

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Giving Thought to Long Term Care

Guest Post by Clint With economic volatility and uncertainty rippling throughout the country, it's not surprising that many families are looking for immediate solutions to their problems. But now more than ever, it's important to consider your family's long-term health, security and happiness. Providing for long-term care is just as vital as providing for wellness and financial stability, but is often overlooked until there is an immediate need – and then it can be too late. U.S. Census projections state the number of persons aged 65 or older is expected to double in the next 20 years. On top of that, life [...]

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No Investment Strategy Will Perfectly Align with Your Goals

I read two recent articles from Registered Rep Magazine that reminded me that regardless of how well you plan, and strategize there is no perfect investment strategy.  It doesn’t matter if your investment goal is to mitigate taxes, or if the goal is to invest in all indexes because over time they “have” to beat the actively managed fund there will be examples that will interrupt any perfect planning.  It may be a bit too serious for this type of article but as the old adage goes: We Plan and God Laughs Three Common Strategies to Mitigate Taxes That Don’t Always Work [...]

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Get Your 2 Year Upgrade from Sprint Sooner

One of the first personal finance blogs I ever read, My Money Blog, recently published a post about getting out of your sprint contract early.  In it Jonathan describes a change to Sprint’s Early Termination Fee, and how such a change is a material alteration of the contract.  As such, one can cancel your Sprint Contract without an Early Termination Fee.  This post reminded me of how I obtained a brand new phone from Sprint way before my 2 Year Upgrade was up. How to Receive a Sprint Upgrade Right Now It was a almost 2 years ago at this point (I [...]

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