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My New Financial Hero

I can’t believe I haven’t written about my relatively new financial crush hero, well luckily he is back in the news so I have a chance to write about him now.  I can tell you while I respect the standard people that are usually named, but this guy encompasses my goal and is completely unfiltered in expressing his position in life.  It is no other than Carson Palmer.   It should be noted that while I am a big football guy, I am not a football fan of Carson Palmer or the Bengals for that matter. Why is Carson Palmer Back in the News? Unless you [...]

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Insurance Products Should Not be a Four Letter Word When it Comes to Retirement Income Planning

The Wall Street Journal had a recent article that I think was detrimentally incomplete even taking into account that it is 1,000 words on a subject that can take years to master.  The article, “You Need a Plan to Boost Retirement Income” by Jeff D. Opdyke highlights three asset vehicles/classes that he thinks should take retirees through retirement, The proper mix of stocks and bonds and cash is the mix that allows you and your parents to sleep at night. That may sound trite, but it is the only true gauge that works. Mom and Dad can look at all the charts [...]

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Should You Ever Go Past Your Debt Limit?

With all the talk of the United States government considering a raise to the federal debt limit, it should give Americans the opportunity and desire to revisit their own debt limits. Personal Debt Limit So the question then becomes, what is your family's debt limit and should you ever go past it into uncharted territory? A debt limit lets you know just how much money you owe to someone else. Some people just look at personal loans, credit cards and car loans when they calculate this figure. Others include their mortgage as well. No matter what you consider to be your debt, [...]

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Dividend Investment Portfolio July 2011 Update

I recently had to change the way my dividend investment portfolio operated and I realized that while I came to the logistics of how I would actively invest in it I didn’t actually pick the new stocks I would be investing in for the next couple months.  I used to narrow down the Dividend Aristocrat list using the metrics described below and invest in each twice a month for a set amount using Sharebuilder, however, since the change my dividend investment portfolio will have 2 equal parts: Three ETFs that cost nothing to buy through my new broker Fidelity and Random purchases [...]

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Why Value Investing Works – The Myth of Efficient Markets

Eugene Fama is generally credited with creating the academic model of Efficient Markets in his Phd. thesis at University of Chicago. At its very basic, the weak form of Efficient Market Hypothesis states that the securities prices reflect ALL publicly available information. The semi-strong form of EMH further states that any new public information is immediately reflected in the price of the security. The strong form, which has been widely discredited, claims that even non public information – such as insider knowledge is already reflected in the prices. This hypothesis is used to propagate the belief that it is not possible for [...]

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