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Congressional Insider Trading Is Not Illegal…YET

Insider trading has been and always be a problem, however, I was shocked to find out that currently United States Congressional members are excluded from those rules that prohibit Wall Street professionals from insider trading!  Although that may come to an end according to an article in Advisor One titled, Congress’s Free Pas on Insider Trading, with the introduction of a bill named Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK). What would The STOCK Act Prohibit? According the article the following transactions will be prohibited: Prohibit members or employees of Congress from buying or selling stocks, bonds or commodities futures based on nonpublic [...]

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How to Invest in a Specific Industry or Technique Without Being Super Wealthy

I was reading the June issue of Registered Rep Magazine this week when I came across two back to back articles about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) both were pretty shocking just because I apparently don’t know much about the topic.  The first article highlights concentrated ETFs and the second article was about Actively Managed ETFs.   Both articles immediately grabbed my attention since I couldn’t believe how detailed a person could get in their investing technique by using just ETFs. What is an ETF? The introduction paragraph and the remainder of the post means nothing if you don’t understand what an ETF is.  [...]

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How Much Interest Do You Pay Monthly?

I can’t believe it has been 19 months since I last determined how much interest I pay to financing companies!  I remember how I felt when I wrote that post, while I understood how amortization loans worked and that financing costs were inevitable it wasn't until I did the actual calculations that I found how much was going to interest. In November of 2009 I was paying approximately $1,498 in interest per month and that was out of a little over $1,900 in monthly debt servicing payments. So when I came across it in my archives I knew I should at the [...]

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A Nasty Side Effect of Switching Brokers – Lost Cost Basis Information

I found out a terrible and time consuming problem when I was forced to switch from TradeKing to Fidelity my cost basis does not always transfer!  Imagine my surprise when I signed into my fidelity account and found all my stocks moved over from my mostly dormant TradeKing account, but no Cost Basis Information! Why is Cost Basis Information Important? To understand why cost basis is so important one first has to understand what it is.  Investopedia defines Cost Basis as, The original value of an asset for tax purposes (usually the purchase price), adjusted for stock splits, dividends and return of [...]

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My First Father’s Day Weekend, Thanks and LoveDrop

This past weekend as a busy weekend!  Starting Thursday The Wife's family, started coming into town for The Son's Christening.  I think I have mentioned it before, but I am Greek Orthodox (No, I don't speak the language but wish I did AND No, I don't know what the hell they are doing over there).  In the Greek Orthodox religion Christenings are a big deal, and we had about 75 guests at a restaurant...which The Father kept reminding me was a small one.  Oh he did the same thing when I only had 200 or so people at my wedding.  Damn New [...]

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