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Important Dates When Investing in Dividend Producing Stocks

Regardless if you take a passive index ETF route, a mutual fund selection strategy or stock picking technique there are some important terms and ratios when you decide to invest.  However, when you are dealing with dividend paying stocks there are dates whose definitions can be considered a term of art and you should know about. Dividend Dates to Know Declaration Date This is the day the Board of Directors states their intention to pay a dividend Ex-dividend date This is the day in which any shares bought on this date or after do not receive the declared dividend.  Even if you [...]

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Why Are Spring Time House Sales Uneasonably Low?

With existing home sales at a nine-year low, the housing market is the weakest link in the United States’ already weakened economy. And there doesn’t appear to be much cause for optimism as we enter spring, the unofficial house selling season. Spring is peak season in the real estate industry and, despite a fall in the number of houses being sold, the signs could be positive as we enter April with realtors reporting an increase in the number of people viewing properties. Unfortunately, it appears that most people are merely window shopping as this rise in interest has not translated into a [...]

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When Paying Off Debt Remember How Important Liquidity Is

Liquidity vs Debt Repayment Cat Fight I was reading Financial Samurai's recent post how he won’t be paying off his mortgage on a rental property for years despite having enough cash to do so and it really stuck with me.  While FS makes it clear he has enough liquidity to pay off a mortgage on a second property I am in a similar situation minus a couple of zeroes.  I have enough liquidity to almost completely eradicate my debt on an auto loan and a healthy student loan balance I choose not to because liquidity is just too damn important (I [...]

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My Journey to Millions Around the Web March 27, 2011

I want to thank those bloggers that have highlighted my posts or included them in a carnival, so please check out their site, follow them on twitter (reminder: follow me on twitter) or subscribe to their feed and get automatic updates (reminder: subscribe to my feed)! LazyManandMoney – variable dividend stocks PassiveFamilyIncome highlighted my article trying to calculate various mortgage scenarios Control your Cash dislikes those e-trade heat maps that show what is popular with investors…makes me wonder what if you only bought those sectors/stocks which were unpopular with investors. TheFinancialBlogger who recently discussed the two ways to make money online highlighted [...]

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Family Businesses and Succession Statistics

I recently read two amazing articles on family businesses, and more specifically family business succession planning.  Both provided amazing statistics that I felt that I had to share since I know quite a few of my readers are business owners.  The take away from both stories that it is simply irresponsible if you have a successful business and don’t at least think about using a buy-sell to plan for the future.  A buy-sell agreement or arrangement explains what would occur if a member/owner becomes disabled, decides to retire, decides to sell or the ultimate dies. The first article comes from my favorite [...]

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