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Is Your State a Socialist State?

States within our Federalist Society can act very differently from one another, for example, one State can allow same sex marriages while another can totally ban it then we sprinkle in a bit of the Federal Government and the Full Faith and Credit Constitutional Provision to make it all that more confusing. What does this have to do with a Personal Finance Blog? CNBC recently published a blog post titled, The Most Socialist States in America where they measured total expenditures as a proportion of total economic output to compare the size of the public sector in each state. Using recently released [...]

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Setting Financial Objectives

Paying off any level of debt can be an incredibly hard task, especially when you don't have any real direction or focus. When you are trying to save or pay off an amount of debt there always seems to be something that comes up that halts your progress at the last minute, just as you think you're nearly across the line. I've found that the best way to monitor how well you are doing financially, while at the same time aiming to improve your situation, is by setting yourself some financial objectives. In my opinion setting something to aim for is incredibly [...]

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Do You Actually Know How Much Money You Spend Per Year?

As back office support for a financial planning firm sometimes I have to create cash flow projections for clients.  The projections can be as simple or as complicated as the financial planner needs/wants it to be.  Today, I had a very interesting discussion with a planner about a particular client and this is not the first time this type of conversation occurred. Do You Actually Know Your Monthly or Annual Budget? What happened today: The planner tells me that the client claims to spend $48,000/yr The planner provides me with the client’s tax return which indicates a net income of $111,000 Let’s me [...]

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Do I Think About Money Too Much? Do You? Is it Unhealthy?

I don’t think I have a good balance with thinking about and not thinking about money.  From the moment I wake up on Monday morning until the moment I mentally check out on Friday, I have money on the mind and it makes me curious if I am the only one? My Money Thought Activities Every day I: Check my online banking about 4 times Do mental math in my head concerning the online banking WORK IN A FINANCIAL PLANNING OFFICE Run this personal finance blog Read and comment on probably 50 of the best personal finance blogs Check on my Dividend [...]

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